Submillimetre Wave

Development of Submillimetre-wave Measurement Standards

Millimetre & submillimetre-wave technology can be used in a wide range of applications, such as security & medical imaging, biological screening, spectrometry, material characterization, high speed communication, semiconductor, and electromagnetic compatibility.  With the rapid growth in sub-millimetre wave technology, industry needs to have measurement traceability and reference standards.

NMC is developing traceable attenuation, scattering parameters and power measurement standards which can calibrate millimetre & submillimetre-wave components and systems used in the industry and research institutions up to 500 GHz. 

The project will build the following capabilities:
  • Attenuation and scattering parameters measurement system;
  • Power measurement system; and
  • Measurement traceability and verification via microwave S-parameters and power.
Fig 1. Dual channel radiometer Fig 2. Microwave waveguide power transfer
measurement systems