Bunkering Mass Flow Metering

Novel Measurement Technology for Bunkering Mass Flow Metering

Singapore is spearheading a drive to develop an international standard on the use of mass flow metering to improve the productivity of the bunkering industry. 
NMC has started a research project to investigate measurement techniques for multi-phase & high viscosity mass flow, and develop novel measurement technology for bunkering metering systems using Coriolis flow meters, including multi-modal sensing; intelligent detection of flow status; modeling and corrective formulations; in-situ measurement and calibration techniques.

The project aims to develop:
  • High viscosity flow and compensation modeling;
  • Two-phase flow compensation modeling; and
  • Knowledge development framework and system consisting of:
    • Flow status identifier
    • Signal data processing engine
    • Instant parameter compensation engine
    • Error prediction and uncertainty estimation engine

Fig 1. The diagram of mass flow metering system for Bunkering. Fig 2. Bunkering operation by using mass flow
meter at Pasir Panjang Terminal of the
Port of Singapore