LED/SSL Radiometry

Development of Spectral Radiance Measurement Technology and Calibration Facilities to Support LED Measurements

Solid-state lighting and high power light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have the advantages of lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, and robustness, and are increasingly being used in urban, commercial, and home applications. NMC is developing spectral radiance measurement technology, measurement standards and calibration facilities to support measurement and characterisation needs for high power LEDs, solid state lighting and devices such as displays.

The project aims to build the following capabilities:
  • A primary standard system for spectral radiance and irradiance measurement that consists of a high temperature blackbody radiator and a multi-wavelength filter radiometer;
  • Spectral radiance and irradiance calibration facilities; and
  • LED spectral radiance measurement technology and facility.

The facilities will provide new calibration and measurement services for spectral radiance, and extended range calibration and measurement services for spectral irradiance to the industry.

 Fig 1. Spectral radiance realisation and calibration  Fig 2. LED and LED lamp