Solar Radiometry

Development of Solar Radiometry for Photovoltaic Cell Characterization and Calibration

Characterisation and testing is essential for developing photovoltaic (PV) technology and the growth of the solar energy industry.  NMC is developing primary standards and calibration facilities in solar radiometry to provide direct measurement traceability to the solar energy industry, testing labs and research institutes.  The facility aims to establish Singapore as a world-class regional centre for solar photovoltaic (PV) cell calibration, testing and characterisation.

The project aims to achieve the following:
  • Develop methodology and techniques for solar PV cell characterisation, measurement and calibration; 
  • Establish traceability for measurement and calibration of solar PV devices by developing primary reference standards; 
  • Develop calibration facility for solar PV related devices and instruments ;
  • Gain international recognition through participating in international comparisons on solar cells; and
  • Provide calibration service to research organisations, testing laboratories & industry.

[ Brochure for Photovoltaic Calibration and Measurement Capabilities at NMC ]

Fig 1. Differential spectral responsivity calibration
system for solar cell
Fig 2. Solar Panel