11 Mar 2011   |   9:00 am,   -

Seminar on Modern Pressure Measurement and Calibration

About 70 participants from the local industry and accredited laboratories participated in the one-day seminar-cum-exhibition organised by NMC. One of the leading experts and invited speakers at the Seminar was Dr Wladimir Sabuga, Head of Pressure Group in Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), the national metrology institute of Germany.

Dr Wladimir Sabuga Presenting on Precision Pressure Measurement and Calibration

Precision pressure measurement is critical for many manufacturing and industrial sectors such as chemicals, electrical, electronic and aerospace. Measuring pressure accurately presents great challenges, as the accuracy depends not only on the quality of measuring instruments used, but also the suitability of measurement techniques employed. To obtain valid measurement results, knowledge and skills in different pressure measurement techniques suited to specific applications is essential. The aim of the Seminar was to share with scientists, engineers and technical professionals working in the field on the latest developments in pressure measurement technologies in the industry as well as the national metrology institutes providing measurement traceability.

One key development announced at the Seminar was a new primary deadweight pressure standard currently being set up at NMC. The new capability realises the pascal (Pa), the SI unit for pressure, through accurately measured piston-cylinder units, which will enable NMC to measure pressure in the range of 11 kPa to 10 MPa with vastly improved measurement uncertainties of less than 30 ppm.

Primary Deadweight Pressure Standard

Programme of the Seminar is as follows: 

0900 - 0915

Introduction to Pressure Measurements 
Mr Chua Hock Ann, NMC

0915 - 1030

Fundamentals of Pressure Measurement and Calibration 
Mr Wu Jian, NMC 

1030 - 1100

Refreshment Break & Exhibition 

1100 - 1230

Precision Pressure Measurement and Calibration Techniques (Part 1) 
Dr Wladimir Sabuga, PTB, Germany 

1230 - 1330

Lunch Break 

1330 - 1430

Precision Pressure Measurement and Calibration Techniques (Part 2) 
Dr Wladimir Sabuga, PTB, Germany 

1430 - 1500

Refreshment Break & Exhibition 

1500 - 1600

Selection Criteria for Pressure Devices & Calibrator 
Mr Karl Kurtz, Fluke Calibration, US 

1600 - 1700

Digital Piston Cylinder Technology 
Mr J Roberto Guaranha, DH Budenberg, France 

The Seminar was supported by Fluke, DH Budenberg and TIS Instruments (S) Pte Ltd.

For more information, please contact Mr Wu Jian at telephone no.: (65) 62791961, or via email: wu_jian (AT)