24 Sep 2013   |   2:00 pm - 5:00 pm,   Auditorium, HDB Hub Convention Centre, Basement 1, HDB Hub, 480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, Singapore 310480 Tel.: 64901234

Metrology Upgrading Programme - Radiation Thermometry

Course Outline

Radiation thermometers are used in many industry sectors such as the electronic, semiconductor, aerospace, chemical and petroleum and biomedical sectors. They are used in particular when the application of contact thermometers is undesirable or impossible. Radiation thermometers can provide accurate and reliable measurements under many difficult conditions if they are properly selected, maintained and used. This course covers from the basic principles of radiation thermometry to its practical applications with the aim to help participants to use the radiation thermometers in the correct way. Demonstration and hands-on sessions will provide participants with valuable firsthand experience in the use and calibration of state-of-the-art radiation thermometers.

Course Details




  • Basic radiation principles and radiation properties
  • Type of radiation thermometers
  • Construction of radiation thermometers


  • Characteristics of radiation thermometers
  • Selection of radiation thermometers
  • Primary radiation thermometers and ITS-90
  • Transfer radiation thermometers
  • Laboratory session 1: Handling of radiation thermometers


  • Calibration of industry radiation thermometers
  • Facilities needed for radiation thermometer calibration
  • Laboratory session 2: Calibration of radiation thermometers


  • Analysis of measurement uncertainties
  • Effect of emissivity, reflection and absorption
  • Preparing calibration report
  • Examples of practical measurements and applications