06 May 2014   |   9:00 am- 5:00 pm,   National Metrology Centre (NMC), 1 Science Park Drive, Singapore 118221 Tel.: 62791900 Fax: 62791992

Pressure Measurement and Calibration Techniques

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Course Outline

This course covers the principles of modern precision pressure measurements. Fundamental concepts and practical issues commonly encountered in using various types of pressure instruments and standards, both in the laboratories and on field measurements, will be covered. Topics covered include pressure measurements, calibration, metrology and estimation of measurement uncertainties. There will be laboratory sessions on pressure measurements and calibration of pressure gauges and reference standards. This course will be useful for engineers, researchers and consultants involved in precision pressure measurements and calibrations and maintenance of pressure standards and systems.

Course Instructors

Mr. Goh Hok Liok is a Metrologist at the National Metrology Centre with 20 years experience in the field of pressure metrology. He is involved in high precision pressure standards maintenance and dissemination, industry training and technical assessment for SAC-SINGLAS (Singapore Accreditation Council-Singapore Laboratory Accreditation Scheme) during these years.

Course Details

  • Introduction on pressure metrology
  • Fundamentals to pressure measurements
  • Measurement traceability and calibration of pressure instruments
  • Reference pressure standards
  • Primary pressure standards
  • Calibration of precision pressure sensors, indicators, pressure standards
  • Laboratory session 1: Operation of pressure measurements
  • Laboratory session 2: Calibration of pressure gauges
  • Laboratory session 3: Calibration of pressure reference standards
  • Estimation of measurement uncertainty for pressure measurement
  • Examples on Best Measurement Capability (BMC) & Calibration Measurement Capability (CMC)
  • Interpretation of calibration report
  • Preparing for SINGLAS ISO17025 assessment

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