23 Sep 2011   |   9:00 am to 5:00 pm,   30 Biopolis Street Singapore 138671, Exploration Theatrette, Matrix Building, Level 4

NMC and Mettler-Toledo Seminar on Weighing Quality Management System Technical Seminar

(Registration starts at 8:30am)

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National Metrology Centre
9am to 12:30pm
Speaker: Mr Lee Shih Mean

1:30pm to 5:00pm
Speaker: Mr Peter Morf and
Mr Leong Kong Meng

(A) Introduction to Mass Measurements

1. Concept of Mass
2. Definition: Mass & Weight
3. Measuring Mass
4. Dissemination of Mass

(B) Quality Management System

1. Introduction to Quality Management System
2. Standards for Measurement Laboratory
3. National Accreditation and
Certification System

(C) Introduction to Measurement Uncertainty

1)Concept of Uncertainty
2)Method of Determining Uncertainty

(D) Interpretation of NMC, A*STAR
Calibration Reports

(A) Weighing Terminologies

(B) Influence to Weighing

(C) Weighing Solutions

(D) International Standards – OIML R76, R111

(E) Understanding Max Permissible Error

(F) Calibration process

(G) Interpretation of Calibration Certificate

(H) Understanding Measurement Uncertainty and MinWeigh

(I) Importance of Weighing Error to QMS

(J) Setting up a Good Quality System – GWP Verification

(K) Compliance

(L) Performing Routine Maintenance

Mr. Lee Shih Mean is the Senior Metrologist in-charge of the Primary Mass Laboratory in the National Metrology Centre, A*STAR. He is responsible for the scientific work related to the establishment, maintenance and dissemination of the SI measurement quantity for mass, the kilogram, in Singapore. He is responsible for establishing the primary mass laboratory; the setting up and maintenance of the national mass standard; and the dissemination of the mass values through providing mass and balance calibration services to the industries.

Mr Peter Morf is METTLER TOLEDO's regional manager and principal consultant for our Weighing Quality Management. He possesses over 25 years of consultation experience with multi-national manufacturers across the Asia Pacific region. Major multi-national manufacturers had implemented many successful systems with Peter and he continues to support improvement programs currently.

Mr Leong Kong Meng is METTLER TOLEDO's service manager for over 7 years and has gained wide knowledge on Weighing and Quality Systems. He is responsible for setting up and maintaining our accreditation under SAC SINGLAS for ISO/IEC 17025. He has provided consultations to many of our customers on Good Weighing Practices.