06 Jul 2011   |   9:00 am - 10:30 am,   Edison Room, Level 1, 1 Science Park Drive, Singapore 118221

Seminar on Temperature Measurement for Enhanced Industrial Efficiency and Quality of Life

From large-scale industrial production of steel, glass, ceramics to clinical practice, reliable and traceable temperature measurements are key to achieving successful outcomes, be it patient recovery or effective industrial processes. This talk is divided into two parts: high temperature measurement in space, aerospace and the nuclear industry and lower temperature measurement in the medical field.

1) High temperature measurement - focusing on improving industrial measurements including developing the tools that are required to enable in-situ calibration and validation approaches. The benefit to industry is improvement in product quality, process efficiency, reduced energy consumption and facilitating the move to “zero waste” manufacturing. Industrial studies from space, aerospace and the nuclear industry will be covered. This part of the talk will conclude with an outline of a newly funded European Metrology Research Programme project “HiTeMs”.

2) Clinical thermometry - beginning with ear thermometry but mainly focusing on thermal imaging and magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS). Thermal imaging is used relatively routinely in clinical practice to track clinical conditions such as Raynaud’s phenomena, and sometimes for routine identification and assessment of diabetic extremity infections. MRS can be used for internal temperature measurement to monitor sites of interest, particularly during active therapies. Improved traceable temperature measurement capability in these areas lead to more reliable diagnosis and tracing the progress of treatment – potentially leading to improved clinical outcomes. Approaches to ensuring reliable and traceable temperatures are measured in thermal imaging.

About the presenter
Prof Graham Machin earned his DPhil at the University of Oxford in 1991 before he joined the National Physical Laboratory. He has published more than 100 technical papers and given numerous invited talks in USA, South America, Europe, Japan and China on thermometry related topics. He has been an invited guest researcher of NMIJ (Japan), NIST (USA) and NIM (China). He is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics and the Institute of Measurement and Control. He is NPL’s representative on EURAMET’s Technical Committee for Thermometry (TCT), CCT, and chairs CCT-WG5 - “radiation thermometry”, Euramet TCT “Strategy Group” and IEC/ISO 60584 WG5 “Thermal Imager Specification standardisation”. Professor Machin is a visiting professor of Clinical Thermal Imaging at the University of Glamorgan and visiting professor of Temperature Measurement at the University of Valladolid, Spain. His current research interests include primary thermometry (acoustic and radiometric), radiation thermometry and thermal imaging, clinical thermometry (contact, non-contact and internal), thermocouple developments (e.g. self-validation methods) and high temperature measurement in hostile environments.

Who Should Attend
Senior management, researchers, scientists, engineers and technologist in the industry, research organizations and universities who deal with thermal measurements such as heat transfer and temperature measurements in their work and R&D. Students in engineering and science, especially those in thermal engineering and materials science and engineering will find the talk educational and enlightening.

08:30 a.m.        Registration  
09:00 a.m.        Presentation by Professor Graham Machin
10:30 a.m.        Q&A                
10:45 a.m.        Refreshment and networking
11:00 a.m.        End of programme