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Longest Playable Stringed Musical Instrument Certified by NMC

25 Oct 2014

NMC has measured and certified the length of a string of the musical instrument, The Earth Harp, at d’Leedon on 25 October 2014. This length was confirmed by the World Record Academy as the “Longest playable stringed musical instrument”.

The Earth Harp is a musical instrument invented by Mr.  William Close, a musician of the America’s Got Talent program. The strings of The Earth Harp are attached and run from the body of the instrument, to across landscapes and architectures, essentially turning it into a string instrument, like cello and harp, which can then be played.

In a world record setting feat on 25 October 2014, The Earth Harp’s 16 strings, which are made of 360 spring tempered hardened brass and measuring 0.889 mm in diameter, were tied from the base of the instrument located at the clubhouse rooftop, and stretched to the 36th storey of another tower at d’Leedon. NMC’s team from the Length and Dimensional lab measured and certified one of The Earth Harp string’s length as 291.71 metres; about three times the length of a football field. The World Record Academy has recognised the measurement and confirmed The Earth Harp as the “Longest playable stringed musical instrument” at d’Leedon completion party.

NMC has previously certified measurements for the longest drawing by an individual by local actor, Edmund Chen; and the Longest Flavoured Pasta and Longest Ham and Cheese Sandwich attempt by Republic Polytechnic, which were held to commemorate the opening of its new training facility and new Restaurant Training Laboratory respectively.

Conducting the final measurement of the string at d’leedon, the condominium’s launch celebration party

Dr. Beng Cheah, Director, Industry Development office (right) presenting the certificate to Mr Wen Khai Meng, CEO, CapitaLand Singapore, developer of d’leedon.

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