RF & Microwave

The RF & Microwave Laboratory develops, maintains and disseminates the radio frequency, microwave and millimeter-wave related national measurement standards in Singapore. NMC has set up and is continuing to improve national standards through R&D activities in this area to better meet the needs of the industry.

Scope of Works: reference standards, measurement technologies, calibration services and collaboration projects on RF and microwave area.

RF Voltage Standards

NMC has developed a measurement system for RF-DC voltage difference calibration. The system transfers the parameter to cover the voltage range from 0.5 V to 10 V and frequency range from 100 kHz to 100 MHz. The uncertainties are less than 0.3%.

Primary standards

Reference standards

RF-DC difference measurement system

Microwave Power Standards

NMC has developed a series of power sensor calibration systems to provide the traceable calibration services with small measurement uncertainties. 

  • For coaxial connections, frequency ranges from 100 kHz to 50 GHz. 
  • For waveguide connections, frequency ranges from 50 GHz to 110 GHz.

Primary microwave power standards

Microwave power sensor direct 
comparison system 50 MHz –18 GHz

Microwave power sensor direct 
comparison system 50 MHz –50 GHz

Microwave Scattering Parameters

Traceable scattering parameter measurements and calibration services are provided at NMC, and internationally recognized certificates are issued.

  • Frequencies cover 5 Hz to 110 GHz for coaxial connections.
  • Frequencies cover 50 – 110 GHz for waveguide connections.

Calibration of microwave scattering parameters

Network analysers

Calibration kits

Microwave Attenuation Standards

NMC has developed attenuation measurement standards using the audio frequency substitution method, and services are available for various frequencies.

Microwave coaxial attenuation measurement system

Microwave waveguide attenuation measurement system

Signal and Pulse Standards

NMC provides various traceable calibration and measurement services for electronics systems, instrument, equipment, devices and components.

In time domain, nanosecond to picosecond services are available for pulse rise time/fall time calibration.

In frequency domain, well developed services such as amplitude accuracy, bandwidth, harmonics, distortion and spurious level are from 100 kHz to 50 GHz.

More and more parameters can be measured and calibrated up to 50 GHz. 

Frequency domain measurement system

RF signal calibration station

Time domain measurement system