Calibration and Measurement

As the national measurement authority, NMC provides a wide range of measurement and calibration services in electrical, mechanical and optical metrology, which are traceable to the SI units. As a signatory of the Global Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA), NMC issues a report with the CIPM MRA logo, which is recognised throughout the member countries, for many calibration services.

The Global MRA on Measurement, which is coordinated by the International Committee for Weights and Measures (CIPM), is currently signed by the representatives of 95 institutes (53 Member States, 38 Associates of the CGPM, and 4 international organisations). The agreement provides users with reliable quantitative information on the comparability of services of NMC and other national metrology institutes.

NMC ensures quality of measurements and calibrations, which meets the criteria of the MRA, through:

  • Participating in international comparisons of measurements, known as key comparisons as well as supplementary international comparisons;
  • Operating a quality system ISO/IEC 17025 that conforms to international quality management system standards; and
  • Demonstrating technical competence through international peer reviews and assessments.

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