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The Measurement Assurance Program (MAP) is essential for assuring the accuracy of measurements carried out in quality control, testing and calibration. It is also essential in enhancing the measurement capability and confidence of accredited calibration laboratories, testing laboratories and factory’s in-house calibration laboratories. Measurement assurance is critical to ensure high quality and productivity in product design and manufacturing.

MAP provides periodic proficiency tests (PT) for essential parameters. The PT allows various laboratories to verify their competency and measurement accuracy by comparing their measurement results with the reference values traceable to the SI Units. The MAP has organised several public seminars on measurement assurance for various metrology areas.

MAP also provides training and consultancy on metrology in various fields, such as aerospace, calibration & testing, electronics, offshore and marine, precision engineering and semiconductor. These training courses will help upgrade the measurement skills of staff in various laboratories.

Proficiency Tests

Measurement results have a direct impact on the expected outcome of processes or quality of products manufactured. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that measurement results are reliable.

Proficiency testing (PT) is an effective way to gauge and confirm the measurement capability of a laboratory or quality assurance department. ISO17025 specifies that accredited laboratories and those that wish to become accredited need to undergo PT regularly.

NMC has conducted PT in areas such as pressure gauge, digital multimeter, profile projector, digital thermometer and balance. A new series of PTs that cover a wider scope of areas such as electrical, microwave, pressure, mass, temperature and dimensional measurement will be launched. Calibration laboratories, testing laboratories, R&D laboratories and company’s in-house calibration laboratories who are interested in the PT, please contact us at

NMC PT Schedule FY2019

Area 2019 PT Title Date 2020 PT Title Date
Pressure Proficiency Test on Hydraulic Gauge Pressure  July 2019  Pneumatic  Mar 2020 
Mass Mass Standard Oct 2019 Balance Oct 2020
Temperature (Contact) Thermocouple with/without Digital Indicator: Calibration of Type S Thermocouple Jun 2019 - -
Temperature (Non-contact) - - Industrial Radiation Thermometer Calibration Sep 2020
Temperature (Humidity) Relative Humidity Sensor Calibration Sep 2019  - -
Electrical (DC/LF) - - PT on DC Voltage Measurements May 2020
Electrical (RF) RF Power Measurements Jun 2019 - -
Optical Spectrophotometer Sep 2019 - -
Dimensional PT on Glass Scale: Line Intervals of Glass Scale Dec 2019 - -
Time Proficiency Test of Stopwatch Nov 2019 - -
Acoustics and Vibration Sound Level Meter Jun 2019  Seismic Sensor Mar 2020
Gas CO2 PT for IAQ Testing: CO2 in Air Oct 2019 - -
Training and Consultancy
Under MAP, training courses are conducted regularly for industry to upgrade their skills in measurement science and uncertainty, calibration and general metrology areas. MAP also offers customised training courses and consultancy based on individual companies' requirements.

Companies are welcome to consult with NMC to improve their measurement capabilities and to expand to other areas upon request

NMC Measurement Assurance Programme FY2019 Training Courses

  Date           Course Title Trainer Area
Measurement for Green Building 1 Mar 2019 Temperature Measurement for Green Building Dr Ye Shaochun Temperature
15 Mar 2019 Pressure and Flow Measurement for Green Building Dr Luo Rongmo Flow
29 Mar 2019 Indoor Air Quality Measurement I (Registration Full)  Dr Liu Hui Gas

4 Apr 2019

Indoor Light Measurement and Solar Measurement (LED, Color, Lux) Mr Liu Yuanjie & Mr Huang Xuebo Optical
5 Apr 2019 Power Measurement for Energy Efficiency Monitoring Dr Chua Sze Wey Electrical (DC/LF) 
15 Apr 2019 Indoor Air Quality Measurement II Dr Liu Hui Gas
Enhance Additive Manufacturing Qualification with Traceable Measurement 23-24 Jul 2019 Material and Mechanical Properties Measurement for AM Material and Parts Dr Tan Siew Leng, Dr Fang Jie, Dr Ji Rong & Mr Lee Shih Mean Material Properties, Mass & Force
30-31 Jul 2019 Dimensional Measurements for AM Finished Parts Dr Wang Shihua, Dr Yu Shengkai & Dr Zhao Liping Dimension
Metrology for Medical and Pharmaceutical 8 Jul 2019 Clinical Thermometers and How to Make Sure the Accurate Measurement Dr Wang Li & Dr Ye Shaochun Temperature
9 Jul 2019 Stopwatch/Timer Calibration - Precise Time Control for Pharmaceutical  Dr Liu Yanying Time
10 Jul 2019 UV and near Infrared Measurement for Light Therapy Dr Zhang Jing Optical
11 Jul 2019 Accurate Measurement in Microfluidics and Blood Pressure  Dr Zeng Yan & Dr He Zhimin Pressure & Flow
 Temperature Measure Course Series
10 Apr 2019 Thermocouple Fundamentals  Dr Fan Yan Temperature (Contact) 
15 Jul 2019   Liquid-in-Glass Thermometer: Principles and Calibrations 
Dr Fan Yan
Temperature (Contact)
16 Jul 2019
Resistance Thermometry
Dr Ye Shaochun
Temperature (Contact)
17-18 Jul 2019
Radiation Thermometry
Dr Wang Li
Temperature (Non-Contact)
23 Oct 2019
Humidity Measurements: Principle, Standards, Calibrations and Applications Dr Wang Li Temperature (Humidity)
12 Nov 2019 Evaluation of Climatic Chambers  Dr Ye Shaochun Temperature
 General Topic 4 Jul 2019 Basic Metrology and Measurement Uncertainty Dr Tan Siew Leng Metrology
Other Popular Courses  17 Apr 2019  Electronic Balance Calibrations Mr Lee Shih Mean Mass
16-17 May 2019  High Voltage Testing Techniques and Safety Measures  Dr Jing Tao EM 
19 Jul 2019  Frequency Counter Calibration Dr Liu Yan Ying Time 
2 Aug 2019  Vibration Measurement Techniques  Dr Cui Shan Vibration
5 Aug 2019  Practical Dimensional Measurement Course Mr Rahman Ibrahim Dimension
6-7 Aug 2019 Uncertainty Evaluation in Dimensional Measurement  Dr Tan Siew Leng Dimension
22 Aug 2019 Advance Mass Flow Measurement Technology for Bunkering  Dr Zeng Yan, Dr Rongmo & Mr Wu Jian Flow 
9 Sep 2019 Sound and Noise Measurement Dr Cui Shan Acoustics
23 Sep 2019 Gas Analysis and Gas Detector for Ozone Analysis Dr Kai Fuu Ming Gas 
8 Oct 2019 RF Measurement and Calibration: General Concept and Practice  Dr Meng Yusong Electrical (RF) 
18 Oct 2019 Micro- and Nano-scale Surface Metrology Techniques  Dr Wang Shihua Dimension 
1 Nov 2019 Selection and Verification of GPS Time and Frequency Standards Dr Liu Yan Ying Time
8 Nov 2019 Advance in Oscilloscope Dr Meng Yusong Electrical (RF)

NMC Measurement Assurance Programme FY2020 Training Course

Date Course Title Trainer Area
Other Popular Courses 16-17 Jan 2020 Pressure Measurement and Calibration Techniques Mr Goh Hok Liok Pressure



NMC offers customised training courses and consultancy to suit your organisation’s need. To find out more about MAP or request for course customization, contact us at