As the national measurement authority, NMC provides a wide range of measurement and calibration services in electrical, mechanical and optical metrology, which are traceable to the SI units. As a signatory of the Global Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA), NMC issues a report with the CIPM MRA logo, which is recognised throughout the member countries, for many calibration services.


The Global MRA on Measurement, which is coordinated by the International Committee for Weights and Measures (CIPM), is currently signed by the representatives of 95 institutes (53 Member States, 38 Associates of the CGPM, and 4 international organisations). The agreement provides users with reliable quantitative information on the comparability of services of NMC and other national metrology institutes.

NMC ensures quality of measurements and calibrations, which meets the criteria of the MRA, through:

  • Participating in international comparisons of measurements, known as key comparisons as well as supplementary international comparisons
  • Operating a quality system ISO/IEC 17025 that conforms to international quality management system standards
  • Demonstrating technical competence through international peer reviews and assessments.

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Relocation of NMC

NMC has begun the final phase of its relocation to CleanTech Three (CT3) and will start calibration services in stages starting from July 2022. CleanTech Three is located within CleanTech Park, and beside Nanyang Technological University, forming part of the vibrant Jurong Innovation District ecosystem. 

Projected Start of Services at Cleantech 3 (CT3)

NMC will resume calibration and measurement services at CT3 in stages starting from July  2022.  Please note that these services are strictly by appointment only.

For appointment booking, feedback and enquiries, please contact Customer Support via email at


Estimated Start Date of Partial Services at CT3

(List of Partial Services)

Estimated Start Date of Full Services at CT3

Acoustics & Vibration (AL)

1 Jul 22
(Vibration calibration)

1 Sep 22

Gas (GL)

1 Aug 22

(Gas analyser calibration (using non-hazard reference gases))

3 Oct 22

Temperature & Humidity (TL)

1 Aug 22

(RH meter calibration using chambers)

3 Oct 22

Pressure & Flow (PL)

1 Jul 22
(Low end Pressure calibration)

1 Sep 22

Mass & Force (ML)

1 Jul 22
(Low end Mass calibration)

1 Oct 22
(Primary mass calibration)

1 Nov 22

Optical Radiation (OL)

15 Jul 22
(Refer to List 1 below)

15 Sep 22

Dimension (LL)

15 Jul 22
(Refer to List 2 below)

15 Sep 22

Electrical (EL)

1 Jul 22
(Resistance (1 ohm to 100kohm), Multifunction (general), Impedance)

3 Oct 22

RF & Microwave (RL)

1 Jul 22
(RF Voltage (Comparison), Signal & pulse (general)

3 Oct 22

Time & Frequency (FL)

Services continuously available

Services continuously available

List 1:  Optical Radiation (OL) Partial Services


·         Standard filters

·         Reflectors

200 nm - 2500 nm


·         Luminance meter

·         Colorimeter

·         Camera

20 cd/m2 - 25000 cd/m2

Spectral irradiance (chromaticity coordinates (colour), correlated colour temperature, colour rending index)

·         Light source

250 nm to 1600 nm

Illuminance (lux)

·         Lux meter

200 lx to 2000 lx

UV meter calibration

·         UV meters

365 nm

Fiber optics

·         Fiber optics power meter, wavelength meter, optical spectrum analyzers

850 nm, 1310 nm, 1550 nm


List 2:  Dimension (LL) Partial Services

Surface roughness & step height

·         Roughness & Step height by PGI2540 high precision stylus surface profilometer

Surface roughness Ra up to 10 µm; Step height up to 500 µm


·         Hemisphere & sphere roundness calibrated by TR395 roundness measuring machine

Roundness up to 2 µm

Laser Radiation

·         Frequency stabilised laser

Wavelength 633 nm nominally

Flatness standards

·         Optical flat

(0.1 to 0.2) µm, using monochromatic light source