Measurement results have a direct impact on the expected outcome of processes or quality of products manufactured. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that measurement results are reliable.

Proficiency testing (PT) is an effective way to gauge and confirm the measurement capability of a laboratory or quality assurance department. ISO17025 specifies that accredited laboratories and those that wish to become accredited need to undergo PTs regularly.

NMC provides PTs that cover a wide scope of areas such as pressure, mass, temperature, electrical, optical, dimensional, time, and acoustics. In cases of special request, NMC does provide one-to-one measurement audit services. Hence, calibration, testing, R&D, and company’s in-house calibration laboratories who are interested in the PTs, please refer to the schedule below and contact us at

NMC PT Schedule FY2022

Areas FY 2022 PT Titles Dates
Pressure - -
Flow Gas Flow SEP / OCT 2022 (tentative) 
Flow Liquid Flow  OCT / NOV 2022
Mass Mass (Balance) JAN 2023
Temperature (Contact) - -
- -
Temperature (Humidity) - -
Electrical (DC/LF) Resistance OCT 2022
Electrical (RF) AM modulation  NOV 2022
Optical Lux meter SEP 2022
Dimensional Glass scale OCT / NOV 2022
Time Frequency counter JUL 2022
Acoustics and Vibration - -
Gas - -