Biologic Systems Group


The Biologic Systems Group focuses on modulation and target validation of tumour suppressor pathways by small molecules, functional determination of genetic variants of unknown significance (VUS) among patient derived cellular samples as well the functional evolution of the p53, HDM2 and BRCA family members. These studies are accomplished through a number of local and international collaborations as well as in-house experimental techniques, including protein interference, high-throughput screens of small molecules; structure activity relationship (SAR) investigations; resistance studies using whole genome knockouts by CRISPR; proteome and binding partner investigations by mass spectrometry; tissue culture phenotypic screens; cell signalling pathway elucidation; molecular biology; cloning; qPCR; FACS and assay designs.

Current members
Cindy Coffill
David Koschut
Mani Periyasamy
Aidana Shagirova
Yuezhen Xue
Kol Jia Yong


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