A*STAR Resource Portal

This Portal serves as a consolidated reference to the varied Resources, especially scientific equipment, of the Biomedical Research Council (BMRC) and the Science and Engineering Research Council (SERC) of A*STAR. Both BMRC and SERC promote, support and oversee Research and Development initiatives in Singapore. This portal aims to assist both members of A*STAR as well as the Research community within Singapore in locating, booking and using A*STAR's Resources, thereby enhancing and promoting multidisciplinary Research collaborations in Singapore.

For consumable products and services other than media preparation and glassware washing, please visit the Research Support Centre (RSC) website to access their search engine.

To find out if you can access the Resources, please visit the FAQs.

Conditions relating to the Resources

At all times, A*STAR's Research Institutes are at liberty to vary the type and quantum of Resources available at this Web Portal. A*STAR's Research Institutes make no warranty as to the availability of any particular Resource.

Access to and use of the Resources shall be granted only after the Applicant, has obtained the requisite training from A*STAR's Research Institute and been deemed by that Research Institute to be competent to operate the said Resource, with full knowledge of all applicable laws and regulations. Please contact the respective Research Institutes where these Resources are available for full details on the nature of the Resources, training required and all related costs involved.

Where applicable, the Applicant may be required to bear the costs and expense of the training, which would include training on how to use the Resource correctly, as well as training to ensure compliance with all applicable environmental, safety and health laws, regulations, rules, notices and policies. In addition, the Applicant is also to adhere to all the policies of the A*STAR Research Institutes relating to the same.
Unless prior written authorization has been obtained from A*STAR, all Resources provided at this Web Portal are to be used for research and development only.