Biomedical Sciences Resources

Biological Resource Centre
Provides support for in-vivo research.
Flow Cytometry Platform
The Flow Cytometry Platform has established a state of the art cytometry analysis and sorting facility for the use of its researchers. The facility offers cell sorting services, provides access to FACS/MACS instruments and has implemented workstations needed for data analysis. It is committed to continuously expand its equipment and instrument configuration. It also provides researchers with training to allow self-operate on the analyzers.

A*STAR Microscopy Platform
The A*STAR Microscopy Platform (AMP) brings together a broad range of light (AMP|LM) and electron microscopy (AMP|EM) capabilities to meet the needs of the Singapore biomedical research community.

Imaging is possible across the length scales;
  • from fine ultrastructural electron microscopy
  • through high spatiotemporal imaging of dynamic cellular processes
  • to 3D intra-vital imaging deep within living tissues
Importantly, this includes the critical complementary techniques of sample preparation and quantitative image analysis. AMP’s team of dedicated expert staff have the experience to consult, train, support and offer high-quality service to scientists. AMP has valuable long-standing partnerships with key companies.

InVivos Pte Ltd
InVivos is Singapore's leading supplier of top quality research animals and was setup as a corporate joint venture between ASTAR and NUS to support the growth of the Biomedical Sciences Industry.
It has state-of-the-art breeding facility with AAALAC accreditation and has been providing researchers with uniform high health and genetic quality rodent strains of TACONIC and JACKSON LABORATORY since 2013.
InVivos also provides services like contract breeding, biospecimen and access to transgenic strains of TACONIC and JACKSON LABORATORY.

IMCB-Nikon Imaging Centre
Located at state of the art R&D complex biopolis, the IMCB-Nikon Imaging Centre (NIC) is a core facility for light microscopy developed in partnership between Nikon Singapore Pte. Ltd and Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology.
Research Support Centre
The Resource Support Centre (RSC) a unit of A*STAR housed in the Biomedical Research Council (BMRC) that manages one of Singapore’s largest e-commerce portal offering a comprehensive One-Stop Access for their Research Needs

1. Life Science Research Consumables
  • Partnered over 60 qualified suppliers to provide lab consumables, chemicals, life science & benchtop laboratory equipment.
2. Scientific Infrastructure & Services
  • Enabling on-demand access to advanced equipment and scientific services from more than 26 public and private service providers in genomics, immunology, bioimaging, proteomics and more. These services include:

o Mass Spectrometry
o Microscopy infrastructure and expertise (Advanced Light & Electron)
o Immunomonitoring Technologies
o GLP in vitro & in vivo toxicology/pathology
o Multiplex IHC Immuno-Mapping
o ATCC STR Profiling Cell Authentication Services

3. Auxiliary Services
  • Glassware washing, autoclave and biohazard waste disposal services
4. Life Science Jobs
  • A talent exchange platform connecting employers & potential employees.

RSC is located at level 5 of Matrix building and the RSC Logistics Supply Store is located at B2 level of Biopolis which is accessible to all buildings within Biopolis Phase 1.

Science & Engineering Resources

Nanofabrication & Advanced Characterisation
Nanofabrication and Advanced Characterisation Departments at IMRE have facilities and equipment on micro & nano fabrication and characterisation techniques.
Tech Access (for SMEs)
Tech Access allows tech-intensive SMEs to have direct access to A*STAR's installed base of advanced manufacturing equipment/ facilities as well as expertise at SERC research institutes. This will assist them to intensify their R&D activities and boost their technological capabilities. Training will also be provided by the research institutes to equip SMEs with the skills to use the equipment.

Biomedical Sciences and Science & Engineering Resources

A*STAR Computational Resource Centre (ACRC)
A*STAR Computational Resource Centre provides high performance computational (HPC) resources to the entire A*STAR research community. Currently ACRC supports HPC needs of over five hundred strong user community and manages several high-end computers. It is also responsible for very rapidly growing data storage resources.

Resources for A*STAR staff only