The Singapore Biodesign Programme is housed at A*START Central, A*STAR’s open innovation lab. Over the years, SB has acquired a range of engineering assets and has set up a rapid prototyping space at the engineering lab at A*START Central — Tinkerlab. This space has been upgraded to improve the access of its equipment and engineering services to support the early engineering needs of healthtech projects. In particular, we provide an array of materials for brainstorming and more specialized equipment for prototyping/modification.

Our Engineer

Hee Choon Tan

SB provides consultation and dedicated support with our product development team. Our product engineering services are led by Mr Tan Hee Choon (In-house Principal Product Engineer).


  • Proficient in 3D CAD Modelling
  • Competent in novel part development, device construction and use of prototyping tools such as 3D printing
  • Strong in constructing experimental setup or mockup to evaluate ideas.
  • In-depth knowledge in requirement analysis, design controls and design for manufacturing
  • More than 15 years of experience with multinational corporation R&D
  • Involved with product development of more than 10 projects, of which, has seen 5 products from conceptualization to launch



For a small fee, you and your team may get access to our equipment and software at our dry lab and/or wet lab space. The equipment available at our Tinkerlab are generally good for quick modification of parts once you have a skeleton. Some of the key equipment available in our lab are as follows:

M_Equipment List
D_Equipment List


2 Prototyping Workshop

SB provides thematic training workshops to provide necessary training and background required for product development and related topics such as intellectual property and regulatory guidance.

Parties interested in the Tinkerlab may contact the Singapore Biodesign Team to find out more.

  • Testimonials

    The SB engineering space is well-equipped to meet the rapid prototyping needs of early stage medical device start-ups, as opening doors to connect teams with a large network of advisors & mentors for varying stages of development. The access to the principal product engineer Mr. Tan Hee Choon is an immense value-add for the teams developing their product strategies.

    Dr Kenath Priyanka Prasad
    SSB Fellow, 2017 and Founder, Prime Respi

  • Testimonials

    Biodesign engineering facilities has supported in our prototyping needs throughout the course of our laboratory experiments and also their engineering bay is well equipped and has ample space to conduct the necessary experiments that we required. We are immensely grateful to the support of what the engineering Lab has provided.

    Mr Alex Goh
    Co-Founder, Xenomites