SB-MTAC Enhanced Startup SG Founder, Venture Building Programme

Welcome to the first Medtech sector-specfic Venture Building (VB) programme under Enterprise Singapore's ESSGF scheme. Singapore Biodesign (SB) together with Medtech Actuator (MTAC) have launched the Startup SG Founder, Venture Builder Programme supported by Enterprise Singapore. This 12-week programme is aimed to provide mentorship guidance and equip first time founders with the necessary knowledge to advance their medtech/ healthtech innovation to the next stages of funding towards commercialization success.

What we offer

Training will be designed and provided by both Singapore Biodesign and MedTech Actuator to help teams understand about the healthcare/healthtech industry, the challenges and opportunities of having your own spin-offs and learn from the best in the industry to move towards your dreams of becoming a HealthTech Innovator. The training will be delivered through high-touch mentorship along with materials and defined deliverables.

Applications now open till 31 August 2021, 2359H.

Weeks Modules
1 to 3 Module 1: Understanding of the market and the need
  • Week 1: Medtech Innovation Overview
  • Week 2: Value Proposition Validation
  • Week 3: Defining User Needs
  • 4 to 7 Module 2: Product development + Risk analysis
  • Week 4: Design Specifications
  • Week 5: Product Development Overview
  • Week 6: Quality Management System Overview
  • Week 7: Clinical Trial and Regulatory Strategy Overview
  • 8 to 12 Module 3: Business strategy + Implementation plan
  • Week 8: Competitive Advantage
  • Week 9: Venture Pitching Consideration
  • Week 10: Venture Pitching Coaching
  • Week 11: Pitching Reheresal
  • Week 12: Demo Day

  • Why should you apply?

    1. Get your ideas validated with the tried and tested Biodesign Methodology
    2. Develop your ideas and get your hands dirty by prototyping
    3. Identify and craft a business plan guided by industry experts
    4. High-touch mentoring by both Singapore Biodesign and MedTech Actuator team

    Who should apply?

    Aspiring healthtech entrepreneurs who are passionate to spin-off after the programme and fulfill the eligibility criteria below.


    1. Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident preferred
    2. Applicants must not have received any funding from any government organisation (eg: grants from NHIC/ NMRC and other similar organisations)
    3. For student applicants, only final year students will be considered
    4. Applicant should not have played an active part in a previous startup or be holding onto any active business entity and/or be under any form of employment
    5. Applicant must be available to commit full-time for 12 weeks to the programme
    6. Passionate to spin-off after the 12 weeks programme
    7. Must have no actual or potential conflict of interest between applicants and the officers or employees of the Venture Builder

    For more information please refer to the guidance document here

    How to Apply?

    Submit your applications via the application form below or directly via formsg


    Our Partner


    Our Trainers

    Find out more about them in their profile below!

    Mary Kan

    Dr Mary KAN

    Programme Director, Singapore Biodesign, A*STAR

    Buzz Palmer

    Dr Buzz Palmer

    Co-Founder and CEO, MedTech Actuator

    Phin Peng Lee

    Dr Phin Peng LEE

    Deputy Programme Director, Singapore Biodesign, A*STAR


    Mr Joshua Lim

    General Manager, MedTech Actuator

    Hee Choon Tan

    Mr Hee Choon TAN

    Principal Product Engineer, Singapore Biodesign, A*STAR

    Alex Choh

    Mr Alex CHOH

    Innovation Training and Business Development Manager, Singapore Biodesign, A*STAR

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