The Singapore Bioimaging Consortium (SBIC) is one of the 10 research institutes of the Biomedical Research Council under the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) in Singapore. SBIC is located on 4 levels of the Helios building, in the heart of Biopolis, Singapore’s premier international Research and Development hub for Biomedical Sciences.

SBIC is a leading preclinical bio-imaging platform in Asia and in the world characterized by: 

  • Scientific and academic excellence 
  • Efficient integration and promotion of collaborations among A-STAR institutes and other partners in Singapore 
  • High societal impact (healthcare improvement, cost containment …) with rapid bench-to-bedside transfers in collaboration with the clinical community 
  • Close interface with the industrial sector and successful commercialization of know-how, ensuring financial sustainability/profitability • Ability to capture economic opportunities in order to create value, including with the creation of new enterprises 
  • Ability to attract, develop and retain talents in basic and applied research and related businesses. 

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Our Strategy
The vertical integration of multidisciplinary competence from genes to humans within SBIC, and the accompanying horizontal network of transverse collaborations across institutions and disciplines in Singapore and overseas, confer SBIC a unique capacity to promote rapid transfers of results in animal and human imaging research onto the clinical environment, to the immediate benefit of patients. It also ensures the development of financially sound and sustainable contractual research with industrial partners (pharma, food & nutrition, personal care...). SBIC currently operates 5 joint laboratories with industrial partners under the form of public-private partnership.

Major Research Thrusts 
SBIC's current core R&D projects are developed in 3 directions:
1. Selected major public health issues
   - Nutrition and Dysmetabolism (diabetes, obesity, fat metabolism, fat Imaging, liver cancer)
   - Cardiovascular Diseases (heart failure)
   - Neurometabolism, Neuroadaptation and Neuroplasticity
2. Personal care and wellness (skin, fat, muscle)
3. Technological Innovation in life imaging
   - Development of Smart Probes and Tags for molecular imaging 

   - Development of Novel Imaging Methods and Devices (UHF-MR, RF Coils, SERS, Photo-Acoustics, Multimodal Multiscale Imaging ...)