SBIC-Bruker Preclinical Imaging Centre 

The SBIC-Bruker Preclinical Imaging (PCI) Centre, officially opened on 31 October 2014., is located within SBIC’s premises at Biopolis. The SBIC-Bruker PCI Centre is the first facility of its kind in Asia and only the second in the world to be opened by Bruker. The other Bruker Preclinical Imaging Centre is located in Massachusetts in the United States. The SBIC-Bruker PCI Centre provides demonstration, training and applications support for Bruker’s preclinical portfolio and multi-modal imaging platforms.Through the SBIC-Bruker PCI Centre, A*STAR’s research institutions are able to leverage Bruker’s advanced imaging platforms to boost their research efforts while the company can tap on SBIC’s talent and imaging capabilities. Besides gaining access to SBIC’s talent and imaging expertise, the SBIC-Bruker PCI Centre allows Bruker to foster closer collaborations with SBIC’s partners such as those in the clinical and academic community, as well as the pharmaceutical companies with research operations in Singapore. The SBIC-Bruker PCI Centre is currently equipped with a In Vivo Xtreme system for optical imaging and a Skyscan 1176 microCT scanner.

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