SBIC: An Integrated R&D Organization

In order to achieve its R&D objectives, SBIC has built a competitive, state-of-the-art multimodal bioimaging platform comprising 3 laboratories- all located in the Helios Building in Biopolis:

Laboratory of Molecular Imaging (LMI) 

All modalities of in vitro and in vivo imaging, for example: optical imaging, MR spectroscopy and MR imaging, C-13 hyperpolarization, micro CT, nanoSPECT-CT, microPET-CR, MR-PET, NIRS-MRI, signal and image processing and analysis.

Laboratory of Metabolic Medicine (LMM)

For molecular physiology and metabolic phenotyping.

Laboratory of Molecular Chemistry (LMC)

The development of chemical/ biological probes, with advanced synthetic medicinal chemistry and radiochemistry capabilities.