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MR Suite:

SBIC’s MR imaging capabilities in high field MRI/MRS scanners include two 9.4 Tesla (Bruker Biospec) systems, a large animal 3T MR system (Siemens Skyra), a 7T Bruker Clinscan and an ultra-high field 11.7T Bruker BioSpec. SBIC’s MR suite also features two Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) systems (HyperSense and SpinLab) for dynamic visualization and quantification of metabolic fluxes in vivo. In addition to preclinical scanners, two vertical bore high field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectrometers (Bruker 400MHz, and 600MHz) machines support regular liquid state applications including biofluids and high resolution magic angle spinning spectroscopy (HR MAS) of intact tissues ex vivo.

Siemens Magnetom Skyra 3T

Siemen’s top-of-the-line 70 cm 3T clinical R&D system with X-nuclei capability for imaging large animals (NHPs & Swine).

  • Co-located with a GE Spin Lab for C13 metabolic imaging.
  • Situated within an AAALAC-accredited animal holding facility.

DSC_0665 copy

Bruker BioSpec 11.7T (117/16 USR)

State-of-the-art ultrahigh-field pre-clinical R&D system with actively shielded gradients, integrated shim sets, a comprehensive range of RF coils including a 1H MRI CryoProbe 4 Element Array Kit for mice. Capable of imaging small animals (mice to rats).

11-7T Bruker Biospec

Bruker BioSpec 9.4T (94/30 USR)

State-of-the-art high field pre-clinical R&D system with two actively shielded gradient inserts, integrated shim sets and a comprehensive range of RF coils capable of imaging small and large animals (mice to rabbits).

9-4T Bruker Biospec

Agilent (Varian) 9.4T/31cm MRI

State-of-the-art high field animal MRI system equipped with high performance gradients, upgraded to Bruker AVANCE III HD spectrometer electronics including 4-channel receivers and broadband RF system.

Optimized for in vivo rodent imaging. Applications include high-resolution anatomical imaging, functional MRI, perfusion imaging, diffusion tensor/spectrum imaging, X-nuclei (e.g. 31P, 13C) spectroscopy and imaging.

9-4T_Agilent (Varian) MRI

Bruker 7T/20cm ClinScan MRI

High performance animal MRI system equipped with powerful gradients, multi-channel receivers, broadband RF system, and Siemens console and software.

Optimized imaging protocols for translational studies. Applications include high-resolution anatomical imaging, perfusion imaging, diffusion tensor imaging, angiography, susceptibility weighted imaging, cardiac imaging and spectroscopic imaging.

7T Bruker Clinscan


HyperSenseTM - DNP for NMR the in-vitro DNP Polariser

Dynamic Nuclear Polarisation (DNP) is the method for obtaining strongly polarised nuclear spins in solution. HyperSenseTM allows sample to go through DNP and hence drives NMR sensitivity by increasing signal to noise ratio up to 10,000 times.


GE SPINlab MRI Hyperpolariser

GE SPINlab hyperpolariser is a clinical system which hyperpolarises metabolic substrates prior to injection to the subjects which improves its sensitivity in MRI by more than 20,000-fold. It uses hyperpolarized C-13 technology and allows rapid visualization of metabolism at the cellular level using an MRI scanner for metabolic imaging. This is used to study biochemical changes in disease processes non-invasively.


Isotopic Imaging:

Isotopic molecular imaging is an indispensable tool in routine clinical practice and in preclinical research and drug development. Dual-modality isotopic imaging platforms available at SBIC include a Siemens Inveon PET-CT, Mediso Nano SPECT-CT and the world’s first pre-clinical Mediso 7T MRI-PET system. These state-of-the-art imaging capabilities are supported by dedicated pre-clinical laboratory facilities for both imaging and radiochemistry for the production of PET and SPECT radiolabeled tracers for in vivo applications. These imaging modalities can be applied across a wide spectrum of drug development pipelines and characterization of disease pathologies, from assessment of target specificity, to in vivo therapeutic efficacy and evaluation of drug kinetics.


MEDISO SPECT /CT system provides fully quantitative rodent SPECT imaging at sub millimeter resolution.For more information go to:

MEDISO nanoscan SPECT-CTjpg

Siemens Inveon PET-CT

Siemens Inveon PET/CT system allows versatile rodent imaging at high sensitivity providing fully quantitative PET/CT imaging with millimeter PET resolution and ultra-high CT resolution.For more information go to:

Siemens Inveon

Mediso nano PET-MRI 3T

A preclinical small animal scanner for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and positron emission tomography (PET). The superconducting 3 Tesla magnet allows MRI with a spatial resolution down to 100 µm and the PET has a resolution of 700 µm. For more information go to:

MEDISO nanoscan PET-MR 3T

Optical Imaging:

Optical imaging encompasses a variety of techniques that use light to visualise cellular and molecular functions with high resolution and sensitivity in living systems. Optical methods include Raman microscopy, surface plasmon resonance, diffuse speckle contrast analysis, multifunctional fiber optic spectroscopy and multi-modal near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS)-Fluorescence-MRI. SBIC collaboration includes the development of cell-specific markers (SBIC-Nikon), and optoacousticimaging technologies for high resolution & deep penetration imaging such as multi-spectral optoacoustic tomography (SBIC-iThera Medical), Raster scanning optoacoustic mesoscopy (SBIC-TUM) and photoacoustic microscopy (SBIC-MPA).

Renishaw InVia Raman Microscope

  • High-sensitivity systems with integrated research grade microscopes, enabling high resolution confocal measurements.
  • 633 nm (He-Ne laser) and 785 nm (near infrared diode laser)
  • 1636651578773008850

    iThera Medical Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography

  • multispectral preclinical whole-body photoacoustic tomographic imaging (680-980 nm for preclinical and 680-1300 nm for clinical)
  • anatomical, functional and molecular imaging
  • 2a

    Preclinical MSOT System



                                                                                                                  Clinical MSOT System

    iThera Raster Scanning Optoacoustic Mesoscopy


    Modulated Imaging Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging system – Reflect-RSTM


    River Diagnostics Skin Component Analyser


    Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) –based detector Resonator

    • Invented and developed in SBIC
    • Real-time, label-free molecular binding detecting with high sensitivity (nM to pM range)
    • Applications such as analytical molecular detection, medical diagnosis, environmental monitoring and food safety
    • Open to licensing opportunities