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SICS fully recognises the value of collaborations in adding value to cutting edge research programmes, and is always seeking opportunities to collaborate with academic, clinical and commercial partners. This is particularly true for our clinical research programmes, one of the core interests of the Institute. Gratifyingly, our close, ambitious collaborations with like-minded researchers at every step of the bench to bedside track has led to improvements in healthcare and yielded numerous high impact publications, as well as high value intellectual property and know-how that we have successfully licensed to commercial partners.

Collaborations at SICS range from small-scale projects that leverages talents and unique skill sets of individual investigators to overarching research programmes that combine the power of molecular and cell biology with cutting edge technology platforms, access to unique and extensively phenotyped clinical cohorts, and visionary clinician scientists from their respective fields. SICS works very closely with other A*STAR affiliates and external institutions like universities, research centers and hospitals, as evidenced by the

DevOS programme and our involvement in EpiGen consortium. Together, we hope to blaze our trail to scientific excellence, improvements in healthcare and the development of novel biomedical products.

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Keen on collaborating with us?

We provide end to end support for projects from conception to execution, and facilitate productive exploitation of the research facilities and expertise at SICS to enable effective translation into the clinic and the marketplace. For more information and to further explore opportunities for collaborations, please contact:

Industry Affairs