News : SICS launches 2nd Grant Call! Published on: 27 July 2009

The Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences (SICS) is announcing a grant call for research proposals in the area of Human Nutritional Science.  Proposed research should either directly involve humans, or make use of human samples linked to human phenotype data.  Studies solely focused on animal models or on in vitro models using human cell lines not linked to phenotypic data will not be considered responsive to this grant call.


All investigators who hold a primary appointment in a Singapore public institution (including restructured hospitals, national centres, research institutes, local universities and government agencies like Health Promotion Board) are eligible to apply.  There should only be one Principal Investigator (PI) who will be responsible for coordinating any team effort and managing the grant award.  The research must be conducted in Singapore.

Researchers from overseas institutions and private biotechnology companies can participate as collaborators. However, the terms of collaboration with overseas research institutions and private biotechnology companies must conform to BMRC’s prevailing policies.

Closing date 1 October 2009, 5:00pm.
Please contact should you need further clarifications.

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