A/Prof Melvin Leow is featured on Spiegel Online! Published on: 18 October 2014

A/Prof Melvin Leow was featured on 18 October 2014 in Spiegel Online, one of the most visited German language news website and with this news, he has attracted the Germans' attention with his recent Lancet publication on how he helped solved the mysterious case of a young law graduate crippled by an exceedingly rare enigmatic endocrine tumour with paraneoplastic hypophosphatemia.

The online German magazine titled “Get Up & Walk” cited A/Prof Melvin Leow and explained the symptoms of the patient including the way he changed from a fit and athletic man to a wheelchair-bound cripple struggling with much pain daily. It detailed how A/Prof Melvin Leow and his colleagues pieced the puzzle together and how he ultimately elucidated the culprit tumor responsible for his miserable condition. It continued to describe the astounding recovery of the patient after removal of the tumor and ended with the triumphant statement that the patient is finally restored back to his youthful state of health and able to jog and even ride a motorcycle. Such an amazing twist of fate and an impressive cure for this patient in classic Sherlock Holmes detective style!

We are proud to have A/Prof Melvin Leow who loves to unravel medical mysteries and crack complex intriguing cases. There will be more interesting sensational and puzzling clinical stories from him, such as yet another very rare medical illness (~ 1 in 10 milliion) which he solved and thus saved the life of another young man that was also coincidentally published in The Lancet a year before this present case, so let’s all stay tuned to his next discovery! Indeed, we have a "Sherlock Holmes" type of endocrinologist cum physician scientist within our doorstep right in SICS!


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