Systems Biology

Systems Biology and Integrative Omics


Research Program

Combining the expertise of translational omics, bioinformatics and biostatistics, the Systems Biology & Integrative omics group is both a research program and a central data resource for much of the research at SICS. The vast ‘omics’ roadmap being developed around the cohort studies is a valuable resource for translational research and identifying the biological pathways in human health and disease. The roadmap leverages high throughput technologies built to study genetic and epigenetic epidemiology, microbiomics and metabolomics. Analysis and integration of these complex datasets focusses on population risk stratification, biomarker discovery and potential intervention. Our team works closely with wet bench and clinical investigators to develop meaningful hypotheses and downstream follow up of the findings, enabling more global perspectives on the data. Some of the intricate questions being addressed by the group involve identifying  the genetic risk variants, gene environment interactions, epigenetic variation, and genome instability associated with sub-optimal health profiles and disease risk.


Core activities

In addition to an intensive research program, our group also has two well established core facilities, data management and bio-banking. The major activities of these cores involve the collection, cleaning, and management of the clinical data in compliance with regulatory standards. Our aim is to assure generation of high-quality, reliable, and statistically sound data from cohort studies for downstream analysis. We also provide statistical consultancy to our clinical investigators for study design and data analysis. The bio-banking group maintains a repository of clinical samples collected from the cohort studies, and also assists in sample extraction and helps plan downstream bioanalysis.