Clinical Nutrition Research Centre

The recently established Clinical Nutrition Research Centre (CNRC) is a joint initiative of SICS and the National University Health System, specializing in human nutritional research. With research and clinical activities from the early exploratory science of foods to downstream production and manufacturing guidelines for food companies in the region, the CNRC will be crucial to the growing Asian food and nutrition industry.

The nexus where innovative people and ideas on food science intersect, the CNRC is grounded in a firm understanding of Asian-style dietary habits, and will be involved in creating new foods that address emerging regional health and lifestyle concerns. The CNRC, in close association with the Growth, Development and Metabolism programme at SICS, aims to extend the utility of findings from the cohort studies on metabolic dysfunction, enabling scientific discoveries to improve everyday nutrition and tackle the larger nutritional challenges of the region.

Key Highlights

  • Singapore’s 1st dedicated academic centre for clinical nutrition
  • 1st whole-body Calorimeter in Asia allowing for real-time monitoring of metabolic parameters and energy expenditure

For more information, please visit CNRC’s website: