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Through our research, we aim to influence policy and impact lives. Your participation in our studies and clinical trials helps us to identify modifiable factors for good health and develop targeted interventions to mitigate the programming of adverse outcomes. Through you, we’ll be able to help change lives and improve healthcare for everyone.

Why should you take part?

  • To improve health and care for yourself, your child, and others, as well as give hope to future generations.
  • To be more closely and regularly monitored.
  • To learn more about your physiology.
  • To help researchers learn new, important information.
What kind of research does SICS do?
There are different types of research. Some involve studies where scans may be performed and biosamples may be collected for testing. Others may involve intervention in the form of food, supplements, exercise, and others. And yet others may require surveys or interviews. The researchers will explain what’s involved in their study before you decide if you wish to participate. Everyone can make a difference, regardless of their circumstances. You may bookmark this page to stay up to date on our studies and clinical trials.

Join our studies: