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A Decentralised Study on Dietary Influences on Cognitive Functions

What is a decentralised study?
A ‘decentralised study’ means that all the study procedures, measurements, and interventions will be conducted while you live your usual life, without the need to visit the research facilities.

What is the study doing?
In this study, we are trying to understand how changes in glucose levels affect cognition. Glucose levels are dependent on your metabolism and the type of food you eat. Food with high glycaemic index (GI) cause a rapid increase in blood glucose levels, while food with low GI cause a slow increase.

To conduct the study procedure, we will provide a low-GI biscuit snack and a normal biscuit snack to eat in the morning and afternoon. We will also continuously monitor your glucose level with the help of a glucose sensor, which you will be wearing on your arm throughout the study period. You will be asked to provide blood samples through finger prick, complete a few cognitive tasks and questionnaires regarding your mood, alertness, appetite, and more on a mobile app, eat the study meals (breakfast and lunch) and snacks (cookies) at designated times.


What does SICS hope to do?
SICS is conducting this trial to evaluate the effects of the intake of a low-GI biscuit snack versus normal biscuit snack taken in the morning and afternoon on cognition and mood, measured in a real-life setting.

Secondly, the study aims to explore how daily fluctuations in blood glucose are associated with cognition, mood, appetite and alertness in healthy older adults. To this end, SICS will conduct exploratory correlational analyses between blood glucose parameters, the behavioural outcomes, and subject characteristics.

How can you help?
The total duration of the study is 13 days, keeping a 4-day gap between the two weeks. You can participate in this study if you meet all the following criteria:

  • Aged 50 to 65 years old       
  • Own and use a smartphone and are capable to run the study applications (Android 4.4 or later; iOS 12.0 or later)
  • Have adequate fluency in the English language
  • Have sufficient vision and hearing to complete study procedures
  • Are willing and able to participate, and to give written consent to comply with study procedures

What should you expect?
During the study there will be:

  • Two treatment periods of three consecutive days (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) per week with a washout period of four days between the two weeks
  • Receive the study kit, snack and meals (breakfast and lunch) at your home/office address
  • Wear the glucose sensor throughout study period
  • One-time finger prick blood collection on day 1
  • Daily complete cognitive tasks on the mobile app

Reimbursements will be provided for your time and participation in the study.

To find out more, call (+65) 9838 7412, email, or simply fill in the form below.

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