Integrative Adolescence Research Programme (IARP) – iAdoRe study


The primary objective of the iAdoRe study is to comprehend the state of child health during adolescence. We will analyse how various factors, such as lifestyle choices, patterns of growth, and environmental circumstances, can impact the physical and mental development of adolescents. By gaining a deeper insight into the health and well-being of adolescents in Singapore, we aim to create opportunities for early interventions that can effectively address challenges to their well-being. Ultimately, this can strengthen the protective elements that contribute to positive outcomes in their lives, enabling them to actively contribute to society and reach their full potential.

How much do we know about the adolescent stage?
In comparison to young children and adults, much less is known about adolescents’ development. To date, we know the prevalence of mental health symptoms among youths is concerning, with statistics showing that one in three adolescents report experiencing such symptoms. To effectively address this issue, it is crucial to establish a comprehensive response system that can effectively deal with the various factors influencing the physical and mental health of adolescents. This system should be designed to consider and address the numerous factors that contribute to these health issues.

We hope to develop more holistic and effective interventions and policies that can improve the lives of parents and their children. Join us in our mission to translate scientific findings into real-world solutions that make a difference!


What does SICS hope to do?
We aim to identify the important factors that drive vulnerability and/or create resilience in adolescents.

How can you help?
You can participate in this study if you are:
  • Aged 13 to 15 years old
  • Already enrolled in DREAMS study
  • Attending an MOE-registered school
What should you expect? 
If you decide to be a part of iAdoRe, you will need to answer a set of questionnaires relating to your health and lifestyle, and social emotional aspects over a given period. The same set of questionnaires will be repeated the following year. 

Reimbursement will be given for your time and effort in completing the questionnaires.  

To find out more, email or contact us at (+65) 8854 6302. Our team will contact you within a week.