Are you pregnant…and feeling slightly stressed and anxious?
Did you know that your maternal mood during pregnancy and after childbirth may affect breastfeeding, your ability to cope with motherhood and your child’s development?

If you feel stressed and anxious, one of the things you can do is try to improve your mood, even before your baby is born.
While postnatal blues and anxiety are important issues, let’s not forget about prenatal anxiety too. Being in a good mood will help you cope better with breastfeeding and caring for your newborn.

How can you tell if you aren’t feeling fine?
You find yourself worrying about anything and everything. You feel disconnected from your family, friends, work and daily activities. It is easy to feel a little stressed, anxious and lost during pregnancy. This is, after all, a significant life-changing moment.

But mild anxiety and not being in the best of moods in pregnancy and after delivery may weaken your ability to cope with motherhood, and affect your breastfeeding experience. In the long term, all this may have an impact on your child’s behaviour and development.

This is why, together with Société des Produits Nestlé S.A, we are investigating the role of probiotics in pregnancy, and how they can help put mothers-to-be in a better mood.

Pregnant and moody

Can probiotics improve your mood during pregnancy and after delivery?
The PROMOTE study will investigate if a probiotic powder (taken as a drink) can help improve a pregnant woman's mood, and whether it is best consumed during pregnancy and/or after delivery.

Recruitment for the PROMOTE study has closed, but if you wish to find out more, please call us at
(+65) 6407 0364 or email