Developing novel sustainable biotechnology


Our research is to design and improve bioprocess for the production of food ingredients and chemicals using microbial strains or enzymes. We also aim to optimize the physiology of microorganisms by controlling growth conditions as well as engineering bioreactor configurations for the enhanced synthesis of target products. To translate the scientific proof of concepts into economic value, we provide engineering solutions with expertise in bio-concept design, biocatalysis, fermentation and scale-up research.


Downstream processing is to separate and purify final products derived from fermentation or biocatalysis, including a number of unit operations such as cell disruption, filtration, extraction, distillation and chromatography to provide samples with desirable specification for the next step functional evaluation. In combination with biocatalysis and fermentation, we aim to contribute the value chain of food and biotech sector by prototyping manufacturing process for bio-based products with end-to-end solutions.