Dr CHEN Jinmiao

Email: Chen_Jinmiao@immunol.a-star.edu.sg

Lab Members

LAU Mai Chan, Ph.D 


WONG Calista

Research Focus 

Single-cell computational/system immunology (SCCI)

Single-cell analysis technologies such as single-cell RNA-sequencing and mass cytometry allow for measurements of cellular heterogeneity with unprecedented dimensionality. We focus on developing innovative single-cell data analytic methodologies to delineate immune cell subsets, detect rare cells, map immune cell lineage development and identify regulators of cell fate, trace cell trafficking, infer spatial localization and reconstruct cell-cell contact/interaction complex between different subsets of host immune cells, pathogens and malignant cells. We are interested in both method development and biological analysis.

Selected methods developed by our lab

·         DensVM: automates cell subset identification and visualization (applicable to mass/flow cytometry data).

·         Mpath: maps multi-branching single-cell trajectories of immune cell lineage development (applicable to single-cell RNA-seq, mass/flow cytometry data).

·         Automated gating system for large flow cytometry datasets.

 Applied to mass cytometry data, DensVM algorithm reveals the complexity of mouse myeloid cell compartment.


Applied to single-cell RNA-seq data of mouse conventional dendritic cell (cDC) progenitors, Mpath algorithm constructed multi-branching trajectories spanning from macrophage DC progenitors through common DC progenitor to pre-dendritic cells (preDC). The Mpath generated trajectories detected a branching event at the preDC stage revealing preDC subsets that were exclusively committed to cDC1 or cDC2 lineages, as well as novel early regulators of lineage commitment. Re-ordering cells along cDC developmental trajectories revealed sequential waves of gene regulation and temporal coupling between cell cycle and cDC differentiation.


Selected publications


·         Jinmiao Chen, Andreas Schlitzer, Florent Ginhoux, Michael Poidinger, “Mpath maps multi-branching single-cell trajectories revealing progenitor cell progression during development(co-corresponding author) (under review)

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