Large Area Processing

Large Area Processing (LAP)
Large Area Processing (LAP) has established a pilot roll-to-roll line for prototyping and pilot production of functional films and printed electronics. It also provides design and application development of printed electronics products.

LAP Capabilities

  • Additive patterning processes including screen printing and ink-jet deposition
  • Roll-to-roll Coating/Printing
  • Formulation and processing of printable functional materials
  • Large area and roll-to-roll additive patterning
  • Large area and roll-to-roll lamination
  • High precision roll-to-roll web handling and web inspection
  • Roll-to-roll system process monitoring and control
  • Roll-to-roll manufacturing system design and planning
  • Roll-to-roll embossing with includes Thermal Embossing and UV Embossing

Target Applications

  • Large area flexible printed lighting for back illumination of advertisement posters, signages and building façades
  • Roll-to-roll printed transparent conductive films
  • Roll-to-roll printed heaters
  • Roll-to-roll printed sensor and printed touch screens