About the Conference

Printed Flexible Hybrid Electronics is fast becoming mainstream with a predicted market value of more than USD40 billion by 2020 representing a CAGR >33% (2014-2020). FLEX Southeast Asia 2017 conference presents a fascinating view of the convergence of semiconductor and Printed electronics manufacturing and applications. With the rise of Wearable Tech and “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices and systems, Flexible Hybrid Electronics promise to allow the efficient integration of smart systems and pervades industry-wide applications at low cost.

The conference will provide a vital and informative forum for the full scope of Flexible Hybrid Electronics opportunities and technologies in the application space of a wide variety of industries. This is a unique opportunity to explore the business opportunities offered by convergent integration of Precision Engineering with traditional electronics, enter into strategic partnerships and develop the products of the future. The traditional electronics supply chain is experienced in complex integration and provides a key vehicle for the industrialisation and wide commercialisation of Stretchable, Flexible and Washable electronics.

The conference will also feature various Wearable Tech Products Innovation by various companies that participated in SIMTech Collaborative Industry Project (CIP) on Smart Wearable Product Innovation.

Wearable electronics market is expected to grow to $160b for humans by 2026. 3 big drivers for this growth include
1) Sport & fitness – performance monitoring, injury prevention; 
2) Healthcare - diabetes, fitness testing, wellness monitoring; 
3) Infotainment – Google glasses, wrist wear, 3D realization headwear for gaming. Flexible Hybrid Electronics is key technology for Wearable Tech product innovation.