EAC Conference 2017

The second annual EAC conference was held on 19th September 2017 at the Breakthough and Discovery Theatres at Biopolis, Matrix. The theme for this year was "Building Microfluidics Eco-System for Singapore Industry". This conference provided the latest updates on microfluidics technology frontiers and market information, with the objective to assist in building a vibrant Microfluidics Eco-system in Singapore. At the conference, participants had the opportunities to network and explore business collaborations with each other. During the all inclusive speakers programme line-up, they received a plethora of information ranging from the macro view of the worldwide microfluidics market to in-depth research on integrated skin on chip.

From the exhibition booths, they were also introduced to the latest products which would further engage them into this microfluidics eco-system. Through SMF's own booth, the attendees also learnt more about how SIMTech can assist in R&D product innovation as well as  knowledge transfer and manpower development through its WSQ microfluidics course.