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 Master Class in Strategic Planning for Operational Excellence
This two-day interactive Master Class will equip participants with the required knowledge of the Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process and the practical pointers to easily implement it in their organisations. The Master Class will cover all key components of the S&OP process – its mechanics, reports, roles and responsibilities as well as the KPIs to be measured. It will also share insights, experiences, case studies, tools and practical tips extracted from companies which have implemented S&OP.
 Master Class in Predictive Manufacturing & Services
This Supply Chain Analytics Master Class equips participants with the knowledge of the latest Supply Chain Analytics technologies and analytics skills via hands-on lessons, with the use of actual business data. The practical sessions will help participating companies better understand their businesses and develop data-driven solutions to improve productivity and customer service satisfaction.

CIP on Welding Operation Assessment System
This CIP aims to implement a welding operation assessment system to provide a view to their welding efficiency and effectiveness for better welding job planning.

CIP on Fixtures for Pipe Welding
This CIP aims to help companies to improve the productivity of the pipe welding operation by using an appropriate clamping fixture. With the welding fixture ....

CIP on Manufacturing Operations Management
This CUP aims to train the companies on the key concepts of the Manufacturing Operations Management solutions (with extended Material Management and Delivery Order Modules) ....