Mission & Roles



MPTC endeavours to spur manufacturing industries towards using technologies and techniques to improve their productivity, economic growth, and sustainability. The centre, which showcases productivity, works closely with industry partners to carry out R&D in productivity enabling technologies, undertakes knowledge transfers, trains productivity champions, and generates awareness on productivity.

We aim to seed and grow the emerging industries via the following strategies:

  • Identify emerging applications and industry collaborators to commercialise the technologies developed by SIMTech
  • Initiate collaborative projects to drive innovative applications and adoption of these technologies
  • Drive technology transfer to industry to grow the supply chains of these emerging industries in Singapore

The key roles of MPTC are:

Technology Transfer

Technology transfer achieved through the creation of common technology platforms for solving similar needs of many companies results in cost-effective adoption of new technology by the industry.

Industry Development

The centre gathers feedback from industry to understand the productivity challenges it faces.

Knowledge Transfer

Project-based courses in productivity improvement are structured as an efficient and interactive combination of classroom sessions at SIMTech and practical-cum-project sessions on site at a company.

Productivity Showcase and Promotion

MPTC showcase highlights the productivity gains from the use of technologies, providing comparisons between "before" and "after" technology adoption. The showcase also features success stories of improvements in efficiency, effectiveness, and value innovation. In addition, examples of tools and techniques for achieving lean manufacturing are also on display. Industry outreach, including new technology dissemination, industry forums to gather feedback on industry needs, and end-user adoption-sharing session are also organised.