October 9, 2019 

                       Venue: Four Seasons Hotel 

Who should attend:
Digtial Transformation doesn’t just happen. Many SMEs quickly realized they could not undertake true digital transformation on their own.  Behind it are technology partners that worked across industry sectors for industrial outcomes.  SIMTech MPTC and its partner ecosystem work relentlessly to configure intelligence into “industrial IOT 4.0”-Ready.  MPTC Annual Conference 2019 aims to generate awareness, understanding and also to showcase the benefits of building digital ecosystems through deep public-private partnerships. This MPTC Conference 2019 is for Today’s businesses that  dare to think differently and look towards  having their businesses IIOT-ready.

Our Theme for 2019: “Digital Ecosystems: Accelerating Growth through Deep Partnerships”.

Built around SIMTech & Partners:
Every Speakers will share on their company’s digitalization journey – the challenges faced and how they overcome them.  The challenges brought them to collaborate with SIMTech and its Partner Ecosystem to generate value propositions that add value to their business models, empowering their organizations to achieve their potential and realize their digital  advantage—now and in the future.

Keep Productivity ALIVE!
MPTC Conference 2019 is a meeting place for SME businesses who know that standing still is not an option. SIMTech stays committed to work with businesses at this industry's most customer-focused event.