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Highlights on CIPs (Collaborative Industry Projects)

3D Additive Manufacturing (AM) Capabilities of Metal and Polymer Parts
This CIP aims to enhance companies’ competency in 3D AM, allowing them to explore new business opportunities and growth, and upgrade their manufacturing capabilities, allowing them to capture new markets of high-value added components. (download the brochure)
Contact: Mr Tan Lye King, Tel: 6793 8290, Email:

Advanced Machining Dynamics Analysis Technology for Productivity and Quality Improvement
This CIP aims to enhance the machining productivity and quality of local manufacturing industry in precision machining (milling and turning) of steel and non-ferrous metals through technology transfer and customisation. (download the brochure)
Contact: Tel: 65903172, Email:

Engineering Design for Manufacturing
This CIP aims to help companies develop capabilities in engineering product design assessment for Engineering Design for Manufacturing objectives. (download the brochure)
Contact: Ms Wan Siew Ping, Tel: 6319 4402, Email:

Sterilisation of Medical Devices by Low Energy X-ray at Elevated Temperatures
To demonstrate the synergistic lethal effect of mild heat (65ºC) coupled with X-ray for sterilisation; to define protocol and develop sterilisation process for a given product; to carry out sterility validation and benchmarking. (download the brochure)
Contact: Mr John Lim Kee Yong, Tel: 6510 1695, Email:

Corrosion Evaluation and Protection of Materials
This CIP aims to Improve cost savings and productivity of engineering materials by selecting and validating appropriate materials to protect against corrosion; to transfer knowledge and corrosion characterisation techniques and methodologies. (download the brochure)

Process Development of Hybrid Laser-Arc Welding (HLAW)
This CIP is to conduct weld integrity validation tests and optimize process parameter, and transfer HLAW technology to the participating companies through company-specific customised projects. (download the brochure)
Contact: Mr Tan Chee Tat, Tel: 6510 1699, Email:

Laser Cladding of Corrosion Resistant Alloys (CRA)
This CIP Is to equip companies with relevant advanced cladding techniques and integrity validation capabilities for the manufacture of high value products; develop cladding process capability for exotic materials and its applications; validate and characterise clad material properties as well as ensure that procedures meet API, ASME, AWS, NACE standards; assess hardness at heat affected zones, diffusion levels, pore sizes, micro‐macro structures, fracture strength, yield strength and metallurgical properties using CRA; and conduct 1-1 consultancy for the company shop floor. (download the brochure)
Contact: Mr Tan Chee Tat, Tel: 6510 1699, Email:

Interrupted-machining, Gun Drilling, Tool/Inserts Grinding, Edge Preparation and In-situ Measurement
This CIP equips participants with the knowledge to grind, polish and measure carbide tools for cutting, drilling, forming, picking and dispensing tools to increase machine utilisation, lowers setup costs, premature tool degradation, and reduces time and material wastages. (download the brochure)
Contact: Mr Tan Chee Tat, Tel: 6510 1699, Email:

Low Cost 3D Printing for Dental Crowns and Bridges
This CIP is to implement a low cost bottom up stereolithography process technology to manufacture dental copings, bridges frameworks and zirconia crowns.
Contact: Mr John Lim Kee Yong, Tel: 6510 1695, Email:

Protective Coating Technologies Against Wear and Corrosion
This CIP is to develop and apply advanced surface coating processes such as Physical Vapour Deposition, Thermal Spray, Electrochemical, Anodizing, Electroplating, or Conversion Coatings, including corrosion assessment and analysis to create new surface protection solutions that are more cost effective, as well as increasing productivity and/or to improve protective performance pertaining to surface quality and morphology. (download the brochure)

Contact: Mr Goh Chee Chien, Tel: 6510 1692, Email:

Functional Coating Technologies
This CIP is to develop and apply advanced surface coating processes via sol-gel material formulation, by incorporating nanomaterials and special additives and combining UV curable or ambient curable technologies, to create new desired surface functionalities for a wide range of applications from biomedical, microfluidics, consumer electronics, metal works to non-rigid materials. (download the brochure)

Contact: Mr Goh Chee Chien, Tel: 6510 1692, Email:

Surface Texturing
This CIP is to develop and transfer hot micro-embossing texturing know-how, laser texturing and smart 3D marking technologies for the creation of surface micro/nano texture or marking on the surface of a bulk component for both non-crystalline and metallic materials to achieve superior functional performance.
Mr Goh Chee Chien, Tel: 6510 1692, Email: