Precision Engineering (PE) is the building block of manufacturing. From nanometric semiconductor chips to the most cutting-edge medical devices and the giant-sized drill bits used in oil exploration, the PE sector is of crucial importance for the electronics, aerospace, automotive, marine, oil & gas, and Medtech industries. Its role in the Singapore industrial landscape is evident as the PE industry employs a quarter of the local manufacturing workforce.

PE COI was set up in 2007 in collaboration with Enterprise Singapore (formerly SPRING Singapore) with the purpose to serve as a resource centre to assist Precision Engineering (PE) companies in tapping on technologies for innovation, so as to sustain and advance their businesses. 

Hosted at SIMTech and supported by A*STAR research institutes as well as other institutes of higher learning, PE COI offers a broad spectrum of technologies, manpower training, consultancy, and comprehensive facilities to meet the manufacturing needs of local PE companies. PE COI also spearheads industry initiatives and manpower training to close critical capability gaps in the industry, in alignment with the precision engineering industry transformation map (PE ITM).