Core Capabilities

PE COI offers a wide range of technologies and know-how that caters to diverse markets and industries:

• Machining:
Micro-machining, 5-axis machining, Ultra-precision machining, Ultrasonic assisted machining, Cutter development, Gun Drilling, CAD/CAM, Surface finishing, Edge deburring, Laser technologies, Cleaning, Cutting, Drilling, Microstructuring and Surface modification

• Forming:
Cold forging, Microforming, Precision rotary forming, Liquid forging, Polymer injection moulding, Micromoulding, Injection/expansion/compression technology, Compounding of polymer, Processing polymer composite, Powder injection moulding of metals and ceramics

• Joining:
Arc welding (including TIG, MIG, and plasma welding) and cladding, Laser welding, Laser Aided Additive Manufacturing (LAAM), Resistance welding, 3D Additive Manufacturing, Diffusion bonding, Brazing, Soldering, Ultrasonic Welding, Adhesive bonding, Sealing and Lamination, Micro/ Nanojoining, Thermal Management, Carbon nanotube and Graphene (dispersion, interconnection, electrode and nanocomposites)

• Surface Engineering:
Super-hard coatings for wear resistance, dry lubrication, anti-stick and anti-corrosion for use in cutting tools, bearing, wear parts, moulds and dies, Hybrid composite coatings for anti-slip, easy-or self-cleaning and decoration

• Mechatronics:
Precision machine design, Motion calibration, Multi-axis motion control, 3D error compensation, Machine vibration control, Automation and robotics

• Measurements & Diagnostics:
Optic design and simulation, Optical system integration and characterisation, Machine vision system, Image processing, 3D surface measurement, 2D and 3D defect inspection, Metrology and thermal analysis