Mission & Roles


To develop and implement sustainable manufacturing technologies that minimise emissions, waste and strengthen the global competitiveness of Singapore's manufactury industry.

SMC promotes and realises sustainable manufacturing through:

Showcase and Promotion

SMC showcases relevant examples of sustainable manufacturing technologies, best practices and capabilties, success stories, and an array of sustainable products to inspire awareness and innovations in green production and sustainable manufacturing technologies.

The showcases are categorised along the following themes:
- Redefine Satisfaction
- Re-engineer Manufacturing
- Revive Waste
- Rethink Resources

Knowledge Transfer

- Organise seminars, workshops, and industry-centric forums to disseminate knowledge on trends, best practices, technology adoption, and innovations for improving ecoperformance in manufacturing.
- Provide the WSQ Graduate Diploma Course in Process Technology (Sustainable Manufacturing)
- Develop and conduct training courses on technical capabilities for sustainability improvement

Technology Transfer

- Develop tools and technologies for sustainable manufacturing
- Transfer sustainable manufacturing technologies to industry by developing solutions for eco-performance improvement in products and manufacturing processes

Industry Development

- Champion collaborative projects to innovate technologies for better eco-performance in manufacturing
- Form industry initiatives to help companies in Singapore venture into sustainable manufacturing