Master Class - Life-Cycle Engineering 

Life-Cycle Engineering
Concept • Practice • Impact

3rd November 2017, Friday | 9.00am – 5:30pm
Seminar Room 3, Level 7, Kinesis
4 Fusionopolis Way, S(138634)

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  Principal Instructor: Professor Sami Kara
Sustainable Manufacturing and Life Cycle Management Expert
Director of Postgraduate Research, Faculty of Engineering
University of New South Wales

This course provides an overview to the emerging field of Life Cycle Engineering (LCE), which assesses the environmental and economic considerations of a product from production through to use and end-of-life options. Workshop participants will learn about the concept of LCE and its market drivers. The course explores the key aspects of LCE including life cycle assessment (LCA), life cycle costing (LCC), technical challenges and opportunities for incorporating this strategy within engineering design, and future trends for LCE informing sustainable development, including a short introduction to the ISO 14000 suite.

8:30 am Registration & Breakfast
Module 1 – Introduction to Life Cycle Engineering
9:00 am
 • Sustainability and drivers of change
 • Life Cycle Engineering Framework
10:30 am  Break, Refreshments & Networking
Module 2 – Product Life Cycle Design and Development
11:00 am

 • Energy and resource efficiency
 • Eco-Efficiency and Eco-effectiveness
 • Environmentally Sustainable Product Development
12:30 pm Lunch & Networking
Module 3 – End of Life (EoL) Management
2:00 pm
 • Product use and Collection
 • EoL Strategies towards closing the loop
3:30 pm  Break, Refreshments & Networking
Module 4 – LCE and ISO14000
4:00 pm  • LCE in the Context of ISO14000
5:30 pm End of Master Class

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