Seminar on Nano Characterisation using SEM and X-ray Microanalysis

Date: 27 Nov 2012 - 27 Nov 2012

Venue: Auditorium, Level 3, Tower Block, SIMTech, 71 Nanyang Drive, Singapore 638075

Nanotechnology is enabling a wide range of potential applications, including the manufacturing of improved materials for aircraft and automobiles, faster and smaller communications devices and electronics, more efficient environmental innovations, improved security devices, targeted drug delivery systems, and etc. By manipulating materials in nanoscale level, desired material properties will arise and this enables improvement of the physical properties of the product. As products are getting more complex and smaller in feature size, new tools and approaches must be developed to meet new challenges.  With the advancement of today's SEM and X-ray microanalysis capabilities, new methodologies  for imaging and analysing properties of nano materials has been explored.

This seminar aims to share the recent progress in nano-characterisation arena using SEM and X-ray microanalysis. Three main areas will be addressed. First is the challenge in SEM imaging, with emphasis on sub-micron analysis for various applications. Then various techniques/methods to obtain the optimal morphological imaging and analysis of sub-micron structures will be discussed. Last but not least, case studies in practical applications will be touched on.

The event will also provide a networking opportunity for participants to exchange information and expertise.

Co-organisers :
Jeol Asia Pte Ltd and Oxford Instruments

8.45am : Registration

9.00am : Welcome Remarks by Ms Xie Hong

9.15am : FESEM and X-ray microanalysis for Nano Characterisationby Mr Tan Teck Siong, Jeol Asia Pte Ltd (Presentation Slide)

9.45am : Optimising Electron Scattering Processes in SEM for Imaging, Microanalysis and Diffraction by Dr Tim White, NTU (Presentation Slide)

10.15am : Coffee break & Networking

10.45am : Application techniques in Microscopy for Materials Research by Prof Norlida Kamarulzaman, UiTM

11.15am : SEM/EDS Application for Sputtering Targets by Powder Metallurgy Method by Dr Zhao Zeliang ,Heraeus Materials Technology Singapore (HMSL)

11.45am : Sample Preparation using Cross Section Polisher by Mr Patrick Lim, Jeol Asia Pte Ltd (Presentation Slide)

12.15 pm : Lunch

1.15pm : XMax, the larger gets better - EDS latest development by Mr David Tee, Oxford Instruments (Presentation Slide)

1.45pm : X-ray nano-analysis of Nanoparticle on Petro-coke by Ms Ng Fern Lan, SIMTech (Presentation Slide)

2.05pm : The technique of Wave Dispersive Spectrometry and its applications by Dr Jiao Hui Sheng, Oxford Instruments  (Presentation Slide)

3.00pm : Coffee break & Networking

3.30pm : Aztec EDS and EBSD and new applications in Nanoanalysis by Dr Jiao Hui Sheng, Oxford Instruments 

4.15pm : Q&A

5.00pm : End of Seminar

About the Presenters
Mr Patrick Lim, Jeol Asia Pte Ltd
Patrick Lim is an Application Angineer at JEOL Asia Pte Ltd working on FESEM, SEM and ion-based sample preparations. He was formaLLY with Oxford Instruments specialising in EDS, EBSD and WDS products.

Dr Tim White, Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
Dr Tim White is a Lecturer in the School of Materials Science & Engineering, NTU where he teaches courses in electron microscopy to undergraduate and post graduate students.  As part of a growing 'virtual' presence he has been instrumental in developing a national curriculum in microscopy for deployment in Singapore and Australia.

Prof Norlida Kamarulzaman, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
Prof Kamarulzaman is a Physicist that is working on nanomaterials. She is currently the Head of Centre for Nanomaterials Research, Institute of Science, Universiti Teknologi MARA. She is interested in materials characterization such as XRD, ND, spectroscopy and microscopy. She synthesize metal oxides for various applications.

Dr Zhao Zeliang, Heraeus Materials Technology Singapore (HMSL) 
Dr Zhao Zeliang is a Failure Analysis and Laboratory Manager in Heraeus Materials Technology Singapore (HMSL), where sputtering targets are produced for Hard disk drive (HDD) companies and Semiconductor industry. The laboratory is equipped with a Jeol JSM-6610LV SEM, attached with liquid N2 free EDS and WDS.

Mr Tan Teck Siong,Jeol Asia Pte Ltd
Mr Tan Teck Siong is the Assistant Sales Director and SEM Product Manager for JEOL ASIA - Singapore. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 1992 from NUS - Singapore. He was a Research Engineer in Institute of Microelectronics for one year in Singapore and subsequently Joined JEOL Asia Pte Ltd in 1995.

Ms Ng Fern Lan, SIMTech
Miss Ng had obtained her BSc in Physics from National University of Singapore in 1992. Ms Ng has more than 20 years work experience in electron microscopy and x-ray microanalysis. Her
current research activities are in the areas of analytical and characterisation techniques in electron backscattered diffraction system. Currently, she is a Senior Research Engineer in the Precision Measurements Group in SIMTech.

Mr David Tee, Oxford Instruments
 Mr David Tee started his 13 years career in semiconductor micro packaging in 1993 as Service and Application Angineer in NECES on the back end semiconductor machinery.
In 2001, he joined Oxford Instruments as a Customer Support Engineer working with EDS, WDS. He is responsible for  both technical support and application in SE Asia, Taiwan, Korea and Australia.
Currently, he is the SE Asia Territory Manager and responsible for sale in SE Asia region.

Dr  Jiao Hui Sheng, Oxford Instruments
Dr Jiao Hui Sheng who is a Application Specialist, obtained his PhD in Metallurgy and Materials obtained from Birmingham University in 2002. He has 20 years experience in TEM and SEM for materials research as well as profound understanding of EBSD technique for more than 10 years with extensive experience in the applications of EBSD in microstructure characterisation.

Who Should Attend
Engineers, scientists and technical managers who are interested in using SEM/EDS/WDS/EBSD for research & development, materials characterisation, failure analysis and quality control.

To reserve a seat, please register online.