Technology Lecture on Functional Safety in Machinery

Date: 17 Sep 2012 - 17 Sep 2012

Venue: Auditorium, Level 3, SIMTech, Tower Block, 71 Nanyang Drive, Singapore 638075

The requirements on the safety of machinery have changed rapidly with the increasing use of automation. In the past, protection systems were mostly causes for inconveniences. As such, they were often not used at all. Innovative technology has enabled protective devised to be integrated into the work process. As a result, they have no longer become a hindrance for the operators and even help to increase productivity. For this reason, reliable protective devices integrated into the machines are essential today. So how does an organisation improve safety at their workplace?

In this lecture, the audience will learn about the whys and hows to a safe machine, the systematic approach to help an organsation to work towards a safer man-machine interface, and understand the benefits of ensuring machinery safety.

1.30pm  Registration
2.00pm  Introduction : Safety for Machines, why and how? 
             Overview and Use of Protective Equipment for Machinery Safety
             by Mr Hans-Joerg Stubenrauch
2.45pm  Six Steps to Safe Machinery - Design of Safe Machines 
             (Risk Assessment, Risk Reduction, Verification and Safety Standards) \
             by Mr Otto Goernemann
              (featuring examples for safe equipment in a production line 
              with improvement of machinery safety.)
3.30pm   Coffee Break, Networking and Product Demo
4.30pm   End

About Presenters
Mr Hans-Jörg Stubenrauch has been an employee of SICK AG in the Industrial Safety Systems Division since 2007. He currently holds the appointment of Safety Marketing & Documentation Manager. Mr Stubenrauch is also a member of the working group "Machine Safety" in the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association (ZVEI). In the aspect of machine safety knowledge sharing, he has led in several trainings and workshops worldwide
Mr Stubenrauch's accolades include publications such as;
• White paper "Selection of opto-electronic protective devices - Functional safety and optical performance features"
• White paper "Is it possible to use standard components in machine safety applications?"

Mr Otto Görnemann has been an employee of SICK AG in the Industrial Safety Systems Division since 1995. He currently holds the appointment of Manager for machinery safety - Standards & regulations. Mr Görnemann is a member of many different technical committees of ISO - IEC - CEN - DIN - AENOR. He also holds several patents in the field of industrial safety.
Mr Görnemann is a state accredited safe-automation engineer in Germany. His work in SICK AG also includes giving safety training in the European countries and the international arena. He is also visiting lecturer for many technical universities and occupational safety & health authorities in countries like Brasil (Fundacentro), Chile (ACHS), Israel (IIOSH) and Japan (NIOSH). At the same time, he is the expert trainer for the German statutory occupational safety & health insurance authorities and (Berufsgenossenschaften) and the CATIM (Portuguese Notified Body).
Mr Görnemann's accolades include publications such as:

•3D-Measurement of high voltage lines near trees / New solutions for the entry-exit problem
4th Safety in Automation System Conference (SIAS) 2005 - Chicago
•New technology for the prevention of collisions with high voltage lines
1st Congress for the prevention of occupational risks. SIASA 2006 - Madrid
•Low error dependent solutions on safeguarding
9th International ISSA Symposium. 2006 - Nice
•Laser scanners, applications on the edge
- 5th Safety in Automation System Conference (SIAS) 2007 - Tokyo
- XVIII World Congress for Safety and Health at Work - July 2008 - Seoul
•"SCRAM" Scalable Risk Analysis and Evaluation Method
Safety & Reliability Conference ESREL 2007 - Stavanger
•The selection of optoelectronic protective devices under consideration of optical performance characteristics.
 6th Safety in Automation System Conference (SIAS) 2010 - Tampere
•The role of protective device inspections
XIX World Congress for Safety and Health at Work - Sept. 2011 - Istanbul
•The application of risk assessment in the design of safe machinery
12 ORP Congress for occupational risk prevention - May 2012 - Bilbao
(to be published)

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