Workshop on Enhancing Semicon Productivity Using Data Mining

Date: 17 Jul 2012 - 17 Jul 2012

Venue: SIMTech Training Room 1, Level 3

Co-organised by SEMI Singapore, the objective of this workshop is to introduce application cases of quality enhancement and process control parameter optimisation using data mining techniques. A demonstration of SIMTech data mining software will be conducted for smart recipe tuning, product quality verification, major process parameter identification in complex manufacturing processes to achieve excellence in quality control and process optimisation. A round table discussion will be carried out during the workshop.

High production yield and quality consistency are the ultimate goals for process and product quality control in manufacturing processes. To guarantee good quality products to customers may result in lower production yield as some "good" units are regarded as "bad" ones by the current quality system. The challenge is how to ensure only good quality products to customers while retaining maximum production yield. This talk will introduce data mining techniques and SIMTech data mining software packages for accurate monitoring and prediction of process performance in complex manufacturing processes to achieve excellent quality control and process optimisation.

Workshop outline:
·                 Online quality monitoring
·                 Process major factors identification & correlation analysis
·                 Process correlation modelling & performance prediction
·                 Multivariate anomaly detection
·                 Process control parameter optimisation
Several application cases will be presented in the workshop.

8.30am           : Registration
9.00am          : Introduction
9.15am          : Case Study 1: Smart Recipe Tuning for Wafer Fab Run-toRun Process
9.45am          : Case Study 2: Backend Tester Quality Control
10.10am        : Case Study 3: Backend Tester's Pogo-pin Anomaly Detection
10.30am        : Tea break
10.45am        : Roundtable discussion
11.30am            : End

About the Speakers
Dr Li Xiang, a Senior Scientist, joined SIMTech in 1992. Dr Li has more than 20 years of experience in research on artificial intelligence, data mining and statistical analysis, such as neural networks, fuzzy logic systems, expert systems and multiple regression models. She was involved and also led in many industrial projects, including intelligent forecasting system, auto-mould designs using intelligent optimisation & simulation, data warehousing, customer demand discovery in new product design, intelligent modelling for equipment health prognostics, and process monitoring & product control in manufacturing processes. Dr Li is a theme leader in the area of prognostic health management.

Dr Zhou Junhong joined SIMTech in 1996. Dr Zhou obtained her PhD from the Nanyang Technological University, and Master of Engineering from the National University of Singapore for her research in process adaptive control and monitoring. Since joining SIMTech, Dr Zhou has been actively involved with a number of research and industry projects in the areas of process monitoring & control, and sensing & advanced signal processing. Dr Zhou's experience includes the SCADA system, sensing & measurement for machine tooling condition, and intelligent systems to maintain serviceability of manufacturing equipment. She is a technical lead in the area of maximizing overall equipment effectiveness.   

Dr Luo Ming joined SIMTech in 1991. Dr Luo obtained her PhD from Nanyang Technological University. Dr Luo has been actively involved in a number of research and industry projects in the areas of process monitoring & control, event-based diagnostics and condition-based maintenance. Dr Luo's experience includes intelligent systems to maintain serviceability of manufacturing equipment and knowledge-based systems. She is a technical lead in the area of condition-based maintenance.  

Mr Mark Ching is a Research Engineer in SIMTech. He works in the research areas of data mining, machine learning, data management, user interface development and intelligent modelling.      

Who Should Attend
Senior Management , Production / Process Managers, QA managers, R&D Researchers, Engineers & IT support staff from the Semiconductor, Pharmaceutics, Electronics, Precision Engineering, Automation, Aerospace, Logistics and Power industries, etc. 

Registration for this workshop is free of charge.  Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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