Seminar on Intelligent Robotic Welding System for Factory Productivity Improvement

Date: 20 Jun 2012 - 20 Jun 2012

Venue: Training Rooms, Level 3, Tower Block, SIMTech, 71 Nanyang Drive, Singapore 638075

Productivity is one of the high priority national agenda in Singapore as the country is not a cost effective manufacturing hub. With the recent introduction of reduction in dependency ratio ceilings (DRCs) and increase in foreign worker levies for basic skilled workers, companies need to manage the dependence of low-skilled workers. Hence, it is crucial for companies to increase productivity rather than the labour.

Companies with welding processes especially have been impacted by the new economy restructuring. Welding is very stressful for the workers. Skilled welders are difficult to hire and the turnover rate of trained welders is high. Moreover, there are welding quality and productivity issues in manual welding process. As a result, companies need to innovate, streamline and invest in capital equipment, and to undertake new initiatives to raise productivity, reduce costs and create more value for their customers.
The manufacturing industry has long utilised robots for mundane, repetitive or hazardous work. Robotic welding is getting popular in manufacturing. Robotic welding offers precise and consistent engineering solutions that enhance productivity, efficiency and cost savings. The initial cost could bring many benefits, including for example a 30 per cent reduction in material costs and a 50 per cent reduction in manpower costs.

This seminar aims at promoting robotic welding for productivity improvement. A new technology that is able to improve the setup time of the robotic welding system will be introduced.


08.30am   Registration

09.00am   Introduction to Manufacturing Productivity Technology Centre by Dr Lee Eng Wah, Centre Director , MPTC 

09.20am   Intuitive Robotic Path Teaching for Productivity Improvement

                 by Dr Ng Teck Chew, Lead, Industrial Automation Initiative, MPTC
Compared to manual welding, robotic welding is preferred in terms of quality and consistency. Robotic path teaching is a challenging issue. Currently, teaching pendants are the commonly used tool for robotic path teaching for welding application. The teaching process is time consuming, tiring and unsafe. In this presentation, a new intuitive robotic path teaching software toolkit for teaching the robotic path for welding will be discussed. The toolkit is user friendly and efficient. It only requires an hour or two of training for an untrained robot operator to use. The time spent on robot teaching can be reduced by up to 80% compared with the manual teaching method.


09.40am Arc Welding Processes for Robotics by Mr Rick Chua, Industry Sales Manager, ABB Pte Ltd
Robotic welding system is a proven technology. The system has been widely used in various industries such as automotive and aerospace. In this presentation, various applications in robotic welding will be introduced. Welding processes such as MIG/MAG, TIG, Plasma welding and laser hybrid will be discussed. Furthermore, various welding tools for productivity improvement will be presented. In particular, productivity improvement techniques for welding from ABB such as seam tracking, Virtual Arc software toolkit, Arc Welding Powerpack toolkit and Torch Service Centre will be briefly introduced.


10.00am Tea Break and Exhibition


10.20am Cold Metal Transfer Process for Quality Weld

               by Mr Daniel Breznikar, Welding application specialist, Synergyx Technology Pte Ltd

CMT – Three letters that stand for the most stable weld process anywhere in the world.
The Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) process means outstanding results with universal materials, the world’s stalest arc and precision process control. CMT presents as the ideal welding system for automated applications coupled with a robotic system. A tried and tested system, its peripherals and the digital power source constitutes a thoroughly coordinated, highly innovative and intelligent welding system. As compared to conventional MIG/MAG welding, CMT really is ‘cold’ – one that constantly alternates between hot and cold. This results in immaculate results and boundless possibilities such as spatter-free welding and brazing, joining of aluminum and steel, ultra-light gauge sheets welding and much more. In this presentation, the following advantages of CMT will be discussed:
• Excellent gap bridgeability
• Ultra high precision weld process
• Extremely low spatter
• Minimal distortion
• Extremely low heat input
• Higher welding speeds

10.40am   Improving Welding Process through Parameters Monitoring

                 by Mr Pan Dayou, Senior Research Engineer, Joining Technology Group, SIMTech

For traceability and accountability of the welding quality, it is necessary to have a visibility of the welding parameters during welding. The welding parameters such as welding voltage and welding current, wire federate, gas flowrate, etc. are some of the important indicators that can be related to the welding quality and productivity. In this presentation, the benefits of welding process monitoring will be discussed.

11.00am   Lab Demonstration (intuitive robotic path teaching toolkit) by Mechatronics Group, SIMTech

The participants will be invited to the Mechatronics Lab for a quick demonstration of the intuitive robotic path teaching toolkit.  In the demonstration, the capabilities of the toolkit will be introduced. Actual welding will be performed using an ABB robot.

11.30am Tour of Manufacturing Productivity Technology Centre by Mr Seow Yit Yuee, Senior IDM, MPTC

12.00pm Lunch and exhibition


About Manufacturing Productivity Technology Centre (MPTC)
The first of its kind in Singapore, MPTC promotes the concept of using technology to enhance manufacturing productivity through improving efficiency, effectiveness and also develop high-value products and services through value creation.
To achieve this, MPTC assists companies harness A*STAR technologies, tools and capabilities in automation, processes and systems for manufacturing enterprises to gain “step-change” improvement in manufacturing productivity through SIMTech. Industry’s productivity success stories are showcased in the centre at SIMTech.
The centre’s mission is to spur manufacturing industries to use technologies or techniques to improve productivity for economic growth and sustainability. There are four thrusts supporting this mission
• Productivity Showcase
• Promotion & Initiatives
• Technology Development & Innovation
• Productivity Champions Training


About Speakers

Rick Chua, Industry Sales and Segment Manage, ABB Pte Ltd
Rick Chua has over 16 years of System Design, Engineering, Project Management and System Sales experience within the Factory Automation industries in the region. He has held various sales and management positions within ABB Robotics Singapore over the past 6 years. He is currently Industry Sales and Segment Manager in ABB robotics which taking care of Metal Fab industries that include welding cutting, machine tending and machining. He have been active involve in robotics welding application in local metal industry for the pass few year and grown ABB robotics Singapore into a full turnkey solution provider for high end welding application.


Mr Daniel Breznikar,Welding Application Specialist, Synergyx Technology Pte Ltd
Mr Daniel Breznikar is an application specialist by profession and a qualified welder by training. Certified as an International Welding Specialist by the European Welding Federation, Mr Breznikar spent 11 years working in Fronius as an application engineer in the Technical Support International (TSI) team providing technical support to customers in the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, Asia and Asia Pacific regions.
An accredited robot programmer for KUKA robotics, Motorman Robotics, ABB robotics and IGM robotics,  Mr Breznikar is no newbie in the area of robotic welding. Throughout his 11 years with Fronius, he has amassed an impressive knowledge on conducting laboratory and product tests, developing weld procedures and welding techniques as well as conducting theory and practical trainings on welding equipment and welding techniques.
His area of expertise includes:
• Comprehensive knowledge in SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, Plasma welding, High Performance welding, Pipeline welding processes and applications
• 11 years of valuable experience in welding and related applications
• Certified robot programmer
• Trained in metallurgy

Who Should Attend
Workshop and plant managers, managers and engineering staff with special focus on welding processes.


This is a non-chargeable seminar and seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis. To attend the seminar, please register online


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