Seminar on Tool Path Optimisation of CNC Machining for Machine Workshop Productivity

Date: 11 Apr 2012 - 11 Apr 2012

Venue: SIMTech Auditorium, Tower Block, Level 3

In an increasingly competitive and demanding market, saving material and machining costs through effective computing solutions is essential for sustaining manufacturing productivity and customer satisfaction. Numerical control machining is an important and ubiquitous manufacturing technology. NC (Numerical Control) errors can cause work-pieces to be scrapped and damage the machine tool. In small batch production, there is little time for trial and error. Verifying and optimising precision NC machining data can significantly improve profitability.

This half-day introductory seminar offers participants the opportunity to learn how to enhance productivity and savings with the state-of-the-art CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine programming system capable of simulating, taking good decisions, choosing the best tools and planning well for all operational steps to optimise the manufacturing processes. This seminar is very useful for aerospace, marine and automotive industries, mold & die industry using precision machining production tools. Participants will gain a better understanding of the use of NCSIMUL to perform cutting analysis. This seminar is sponsored by St. Hua Pte Ltd (http:/ and jointly organised by SIMTech and SPRING Technology Inc.

1.30 pm            Registration

1.45 pm            Opening Address by Dr Lin Wen Jong, SIMTech

2.00 pm          A Machining Revolution? Trends in Machining Simulation
                      Presenter: Mr Liu PeiLing, SIMTech

2.30 pm            Digital Tooling Revolution in Singapore: from IMOLD to iMachining
                      Presenter: Mr Goon Tuck Choy, General Manager, Manusoft Technology

3.30 pm            Tea Break & Networking

3.45 pm            NCSIMUL: How to Improve Savings and Productivity with Digital Manufacturing
                      Presenter: MrGilles BATTIER, Chief Executive Officer, SPRING Technologies

4.15 pm            Tool-Path Optimisation applied to Manufacturing Industries
                      Presenter: Mr Eric Lemaire, Asia-Pacific Manager, SPRING Technologies
5.15pm Tea Break&Networking
 (Software Test Drive Demo)

About the Speakers/Synopsis
Mr Liu Peiling has been a CAD/CAM researcher and developer for 20 years. His research interests include geometry modeling, 3D NC tool path generation, high speed machining simulation, CAM optimisation, and mould design application. He filed two patents about geometrical representation and mould cavity design method.  He took part in many industrial projects and one of his developments QuickSeeNC has been widely used in Singapore PE industry. 

Recently CAM technology is going through a pervasive computing revolution where the new toolpath generation technology, such as iMachining
and VoluMill is changing the traditional conservative slow moving strategy. Low cost of computing is making machining modeling and simulation much more affordable. Optimisation is not only technology feasible but also make business sense in the time of low volume and high productivity.

Mr Goon Tuck Choy holds the BSc and MSc degrees in information technology and graduated from Multimedia University, Malaysia. He has been CAD/CAE industry for 12 years and is currently the General Manager for Manusoft Technology Pte Ltd as a spinoff from NUS. 

Singapore is the pioneer in digital manufacturing research. NUS and SIMTech was the world first to start tooling design automation technology, which are adopted by the major CAD/CAM developers. Now Manusoft (a spinoff from NUS) is working with SolidCAM from Israel on intelligent machining solutions with G code verification as its focus now.  After 20 years of research, we have a suit of digital tooling solutions for plastic mould industry.  

Mr Gilles Battier is the Chief Executive Officer, SPRING Technologies. He graduated in 1985 from ENSIAME (National Engineer’s School, Master level of Automatism, Mechanical and Energy - France), did his military service in 1985/1986, as a fire brigade Officer. He joined SAINT-GOBAIN Group in the beginning of 1985. In 2003, Gilles BATTIER bought back SPRING Technologies with a Venture Capitalist, Vizille Capital Innovation (CIC Bank). Gilles BATTIER is a member of the following organisations: 
-President of SPRING Technologies Board
-Member of PACTE PME Steering Committee (Competitiveness Cluster’s representative) 
-VP in charge of partnership between SMEs and Large companies on the Executive Board of the “Pôle de Compétivité” SYSTEM@TIC Paris Region (a world-class French cluster in Information Technology) 
-Member of SYSTEM@TIC Paris Region’s SYSTEMS DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT TOOLS Steering Committee (one of five working groups in
-Member of RICHELIEU Steering Committee (Innovative SME Association, promoting the French Small Business Act) 
-Member of ROTARY 

·         Are you using Complex NC Machines Tools?
·         Are you spending a lot of time testing the new programs online before sending a production?
·         Do you need to reduce the time spent on debugging your NC programs?
·         Have you already had machine incidents? Collisions? Tool Brakes? Because of a programming or debugging error?
·         Do you need to prevent the risk of collision and tool breakage?
·         Do you need to optimise your cutting conditions and thereby reduce machining time?

In a few words, benefiting from 30 years of experience from major buyers, partners and subcontractors in France and abroad, SPRING Technologies brings its solutions to its customers and partners implied in machining activities (simple and complex) which enable them to simulate and optimise their machining processes and thus gain in productivity by maximising the machine time for production only.

Mr Eric LEMAIRE graduated in 2006 from Oxford Brookes University in International Business and Economics. He joined SPRING Technologies Beijing Rep. Office in 2008 as a sales specialist for NCSIMUL support in Greater China. He took over in 2011 the position of Asia-Pacific Manager for NCSIMUL Sales and successfully closed several major accounts in China (Alstom, Sidel, Messier-Dowty), Korea (Hyundai Heavy Industry), Japan and Malaysia (CTRM). Dedicated to full customer support and satisfaction, he is leading his team of technical engineers through Europe
to support its customers through Asia. 

Tool-path Optimisation brings great advantages to Manufacturing Industries by Reducing Cycle Time, Improving Surface Finish and thereby reducing the overall cost per part. Managers who usually tend to reduce their costs would heavily invest in very expensive automation equipment and high-speed machinery. However, solutions for tool-path optimisation can be a click away as it the natural extension of NCSIMUL.
A programme out of NCSIMUL is error-free and all possible problems have been detected. This is time to run on this NC program the NCSIMUL Optimisation module: OPTITOOL. NCSIMUL has the ability to optimise feeds and speeds in the ISO program, depending on the second-by-second amount of material removed, the height and width of the cut, and the type of tool motion for each segment. Without ever modifying the original tool, OPTITOOL outputs a new NC program by proposing the best machining conditions with improved feed rate settings. 
The optimised NC Codes produce constant chip load which typically result in parts with better surface finishes and reduce wear on cutting tools; time is saved on the programmes on the time the cutters are machining and thus on the cutting tools overall budget.

Who Should Attend
Business owners, Directors, Managers and Engineers from precision engineering, energy generation, aerospace, marine industry; researchers, academic staff who are interested in the latest development in machining technology.

Registration for this seminar is free of charge. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis. To reserve a place, please click here.

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